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    This reacher is uniquely designed for users with reduced hand function, and so offers a far superior functionality to any others we have trialled. The reacher is simply operated by wrist extension so no need for finger function or an ability to give a firm squeeze. This is a fantastic feature for quads and those with reduced hand function. The device is adjustable to your measurements (no “one-size fits no-one”) and is available in left or right hand variations.


    • Choose left or right orientation
    • It is made of high quality materials that are both durable and light-weight. The jaws are coated with rubber to give a good gripping surface
    • Pick up items from the floor/ground – telephone, wallet, pills, pencil, coins, etc.
    • Take items from, or place them on, shelves or into drawers
    • Pick up or place items from a distance away
    • Open/close windows
    • Take jackets, hats, scarves, etc. from the coat rack
    • Roll down/up roller blinds
    • Pick up or grab from a distance a catheter or other aid
    • Put laundry into the washing machine or drier
    • Make the bed
    • Take dishes (cups, plates, etc.) from the cupboard
    • oad or unload dishes into the dishwasher
    • Take food from the freezer
    • Place food into the microwave for heating


    • The reacher is 75cm long, weighs 440g and can lift up to 3kg of weight.


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