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    Quick Serter Insertion Device

    The MiniMed Quick-serter Insertion Device for the MiniMed Quick-set Infusion Set is a customer-inspired device that makes infusion set insertion easier.
    Product #: 2MMT305QSADW

    MiniMed Quick-serter Features:

    • Quick and easy insertions.
    • Spring activated.
    • Inserts infusion set at the press of a button.
    • Consistent insertion depth.
    • Contains 1 MiniMed Quick-serter Insertion Device for MiniMed Quick-set Infusion Set.

    Product Design Features:

    • Distinct Set Release Button: A clear and easy way to release the infusion set.
    • Green Handle and Side Buttons: Helps guide loading and insertion.
    • Wider Base: Reduces the chance of adhesive sticking to the inner side walls.
    • Adhesive Liner Notch: Makes it easier to grab and remove the adhesive liner tabs.