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    The PurePedal is a durable, hands-free, foot pedal operated dispenser that eliminates the need for plugs or batteries, while accommodating longer-lasting gallon jugs. The significant savings on refills and maintenance allows you to stay ahead of the demand, so together, we can STOMP THE GERMS!
    Product #: 21004328SME
    • No expensive batteries or electricity needed = low maintenance, eliminating labor
    • Holds 6x more hand sanitizer than other units currently on the market
    • Utilizes a Pure Pedal hand sanitizer that offers 75% ISA  in a non- watery, gel base
    • Comes with the option of cigar wrap or full wrap branding (see example mock up above), that can also be utilized as a revenue source for sponsors
    • Stainless steel vs plastic of other brands
    • Offers 9,216 applications vs 1,091 applications (compared to a Purell station)
    • Sturdy frame that has 2 back wheels, so can be moved as needed
    • Made in the USA