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Full Leg Abduction Wedge

Provides secure, full leg abduction during Post-Op recovery.

Posey Hipsters Male Fly

Impact-absorbing pads over the critical hip fracture area minimize potential damage that can occur from a fall. The Low profile pads sewn into a slim-fitting brief allow Hipsters to be discreetly worn under clothing.

Posey Deluxe Guard Rail Pads

Helps protect patients from side rail injuries. RECOMMENDED USE: Patients at risk for bed entrapmentand/or injury.

Horseshoe Wedge

Horseshoe Wedges help to create a complete protective barrier around the perimeter of the bed for patients at risk to injure or entangle themselves in the side rails.

Economy Transfer Belt w/QR Buckle, 6 Loops

Extra wide soft nylon belt provides greater contact area with patients.

Posey Hipsters® Male Fly Brief with High Durability Pads, Large

High impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads help protect hip bones against injury from falls. Soft, comfortable pads help improve compliance versus hard-shell products. 100% Latex-free.

Posey Side Rail Wedges, 35"L x 17"H x 2"D

Side Rail Wedges rise 11 inches above the surface of the bed mattress to provide maximum patient protection. These wedges can span the length of the bed sides or close the gap between split bed rails. In combination with Horseshoe Wedges, these Side Rail Protectors can completely surround the perimeter of a patient's bed by zipping together. Posey Side Rail Wedges are made with a soft foam padding material and include vinyl covers that can be easily wiped clean with liquid detergents. Posey Rail Protectors are recommended to prevent patients from injuring themselves by attempting to leave their beds without assistance or by entangling themselves in their bed rails. They attach to the bed with easy to use hook and loop straps.

Posey Soft Splint, XL

Soft Splint by Posey is designed for patients requiring an external limb splint. It can be used on the wrist, hand, elbow or knee.

Side Positioning Wedge, Lg/XL

Posey Lateral Wedges are ideal for keeping bedridden patients repositioned to help eliminate pressure points over the bony prominences, thereby helping reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers. Posey Lateral Wedges are also more cost effective than pillows, as they can help reduce nursing labor costs. With the lightweight Lateral Wedges, it is possible to turn the patient without assistance. Lateral Wedges help assist caregivers in complying with NPUAP and AHRQ guidelines for using a 30-degree lateral inclined position when turning patients to help avoid pressure on the hip.

Posey Transfer Belt, 6" wide, 7 Hand Grips, Fits waists 30" to 66"

The Deluxe Posey Gait Belt is ideal for those requiring transfer and/or ambulation assistance. This transfer gait belt features seven (7) sewn-on handles that provide multiple vertical and horizontal grasping points. The Posey Gait Belt with Handles is made with extra wide, soft nylon that provide greater contact area. It has a quick-release buckle. The rear support band is 6" and padded. It is machine washable.

Pose SkinSleeves, Pair

Available in: Small Medium Large

Skin Sleeve Light tone 1/pr

Skin Sleeve Light tone 1/pr

Hipsters III Brief, Hipsters Standard Poron Pad, Medium

Patients at risk for falling; those at risk for a hip fracture.

Urine Bottle Holder

Discreetly hides urine bottles and keeps them within reach of patient or staff.

Posey Heel Pillows, Regular

Posey Heel Pillows, Regular

Abductor Wedge

Abductor Wedge, Small

Standard Floor Cushion

Cushion measures 24”W x 72”L x 1½” H (61 cm x 183 cm x 4 cm).

Double Bolster Soft Rails w/ Vinyl Cover

A safe alternative to side rails, the Soft Rails help prevent patients at risk for falls from rolling out of bed while allowing sufficient space for patient comfort. The adjustable bolster may be positioned to accommodate individual resident needs, or may be completely removed for patient transfer. The Soft Rails easily attach to the bed with quick release buckles. May use with side rails raised or lowered. Available in machine washable fleece or wipe clean vinyl covers. Replacement covers also available.

Palm Cone with Finger Separator

Palm Cone With Finger Separator Combination anti-contracture device conforms to the hand’ s natural shape. Fingers and hand conform around this soft terrycloth-covered, 5“ (13cm) firm hand cone. Helps prevent skin breakdown. Keeps fingers separated with the 3/4“ (8.6mm) thick cushion finger dividers. Elastic strap helps hold grip in place.

Quilted Long Boots, Heel Protector: Plaid

Quilted Long Boots, Heel Protector: Plaid

Posey Foot Elevator

Posey Foot Elevator

Posey SecureSleeve, Large (14"L x 25"W)

Posey SecureSleeve, Large (14"L x 25"W)

Premium Heel/Elbow Protectors

3/8" thick polyurethane pad helps protect elbow or heel. Plush terry loop material is soft on the skin. Machine washable. Sold in pairs.

Gap Fillers (Pair)

Gap Fillers

Hipsters, Unisex

Unisex Impact-absorbing pads over the critical hip fracture area minimize potential damage that can occur from a fall. The Low profile pads sewn into a slim-fitting brief allow Hipsters to be discreetly worn under clothing. The standard unisex brief easily slip on over undergarments or can be worn as underwear. The incontinent brief features a snap front--

Large Wedge 23" x 9"

Large Wedge 23" x 9"

Posey Hipsters, EZ-On

Posey Hipsters, EZ-On, Small Community Hipsters. The same impact-absorbing hip protection as standard Hipsters with a new look. Made of a cotton spandex blend. The removable pads allow for easy laundering at home or in healthcare facilities according to CDC guidelines.

Hipsters Incontinent

These Safety Briefs help protect individuals from hip injuries in the event of a fall. They include a snap button closure in the front that makes them easy to apply or remove over incontinence pads or briefs that a patient might be wearing.

Finger Contracture Cushion, Regular

Help provide anti-contracture hand therapy and prevent skin breakdown without restricting finger movement. Act as a diversionary device for individuals prone to pulling at IV or feeding tubes.

Happy Hands Tray Overlay

Offers tactile stimulation. Includes zippers with handles, eyelet and string laces, buttons, hook-and-loop closure, and a small pocket with soft textured cover.