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    Portex Blue Line Ultra Fenestrated Cuffless Tracheostomy Tube, 7.0mm ID

    Product #: 2100818070SM
    • Arc is tapered anteriorly to keep distal tip midline
    • Hollow obturator with retaining clips and hemispherical tip aid tube insertion
    • Thermosensitive material, with sufficient initial rigidity for insertion, conforms to the individual patient's upper respiratory tract at body temperature
    • Clear, anatomically-shaped flange provides better access for stoma care
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    Thermosensitive PVC — provides sufficient rigidity for initial insertion, and then softens at body temperature to accommodate individual patient anatomy. 105° angle for comfort in-situ. Tube is suitably radiopaque to enable confirmation of tube position. Soft Seal cuff — velvet soft; low pressure, high volume cuff, with larger cuff resting diameter. model 100/875/070