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    VenoSeal Venous Leak Constriction Loop

    VenoSeal is a constriction band used by men to maintain an erection. Men suffering from venous leak may be helped by using the VenoSeal

    StomaShield Stoma Guard (small, medium and large included)

    Here are just a few of the benefits of EVERYDAY stoma protection: Car seat belts Clothing Work Hobbies/Sports Sleeping/Intimacy Reduce chances of parastomal hernias Keeps clothing/belt from pinching off ostomy bag Provides crucial support when ostomy bag gets heavy Channels stoma output underneath clothing Wear normal clothes with an ostomy again!

    SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System

    The SinuPulse Elite was developed and engineered in Switzerland to be the best, most advanced sinus and nasal irrigation system in the world complete with state-of-the-art electronics and Intellipulse technology. TOP Features:✓ Pulsating spray✓ 360° swivel tip✓ Clog-free, leak-resistant✓ Relieves symptoms of sinusitis and allergies✓ UL and CE-approved✓ Quiet and compact

    Hipsters Incontinent

    These Safety Briefs help protect individuals from hip injuries in the event of a fall. They include a snap button closure in the front that makes them easy to apply or remove over incontinence pads or briefs that a patient might be wearing.

    Deluxe Reusable Quilted Underpad, 35"W x 72"L

    Deluxe Reusable Quilted Underpad, 36"W x 72"L Controls and absorbs liquids. Quilted 3-layer design will not slip, ball, or shift. 7 oz. brushed polyester/rayon soaker with a PVC/ polyester back sheet to absorb and trap fluids. Entire pad is bound with waterproof binding for long life. Finished edges.

    Compact Buckingham EasyWipe

    The Buckingham EasyWipe is a toilet paper wiping aid for those who have a hard time reaching. The EasyWipe is a 15" long ergonomically designed device that reaches and cleans where you can't. This soft and smooth design has a simple, uncomplicated mechanism which grips toilet tissue or wet wipes firmly and releases it cleanly, eliminating the need to touch the tissue after wiping. Comes with a carrying case to help maintain your privacy and dignity. Not made with natural rubber latex.

    Bottom Buddy

    Bottom Buddy is a toilet tissue aid designed for self-cleansing when reaching is difficult.

    Dignity Pant Unisex Small, Waist Sizes 30 to 35 Inches

    Dignity Pants Unisex are fitted briefs made of 50% cotton/polyester with wide elastic waistband. The Dignity Pant Unisex are streamlined and discreet. “Stretch-Loc” pouch holds liner securely in place for bladder and bowel protection. The body fabric of the Dignity Pant Unisex is made from 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. The Dignity Unisex Pant accommodates different-sized disposable pads, liners, guards and undergarments.

    ReadyBath Shampoo Cap

    Specially formulated cleansers clean, condition and leave hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean.

    Deluxe Freedom Wand

    Designed as a personal hygiene aid for toileting, applying ointment and bathing. Ideal for anyone with limited mobility due to Spinal injuries, shoulder limitations, obesity, etc. The four extendable fingers can grip toilet paper, razor, bath sponge or even be used as a limited Reacher. Push button extension tube can be easily removed as needed to shorten the Length.

    Lotion Applicator and Pads

    Perfect for applying lotion to hard-to-reach places on the body. Lotion Applicator with 2 Extra Pads. Additional Replacement Pads available in a 3 Pack and sold separately.

    Clean Easy

    The answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult.

    3-Pack Replacement Bags

    3 two liter, Multi-use replaceable collection bag with flexible, kink resistant tubing. Easy twist connector allows for quick bag replacement. Must be combined with Advantage Urinal Systems Handheld Urinals. Bag has been redesigned thicker, more durable, double sealed with new bed hanger clip and a full anti-reflux valve. Average life-span of bag is approx. 3 months.

    Free-Up Soft Tissue Massage Cream

    Free-Up® Soft Tissue Massage Cream The professional's top choice for soft tissue massage cream is noted for it's glide, lubrication and tissue perception qualities. Free-Up massage cream was developed by a top physical therapist to meet the demands of a professional massage medium - including great glide, superior tissue perception and a slow absorption rate. Free-Up is cost effective because of it's slow absorption rate. Free-Up is also hypo-allergenic, bacteriostatic and does not contain beeswax. Free-Up massage cream will not ball up or dry out on the skin. Cream is non-greasy and leaves your hands feeling as though you’ve used a quality hand cream.

    Afex Active Core Incontinence Kit High Style for Active Daytime Use

    The Afex® Active Core Incontinence Kit features everything you will need for daytime incontinence protection. It is designed specifically for the active male who experiences moderate to heavy overactive urine flow due to a prostatectomy or prostate removal.

    Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal Replacement Sheath with Connector

    Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal Replacement Sheath with Connector is made from flexible latex and has an interior and exterior odor barrier for ultimate protection against urine smell. It has snap closures around the base to allow it to securely attach to the suspensory garment. This sheath comes with a standard bottom drain valve that connects to medical tubing or directly to a drainage bag. Express Medical Supply carries a 4" and 7" sheath.

    Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal)

    Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal) has a suspensory garment featuring several velcro closures around the waist band that allow for the proper fit. It comes with a latex sheath and a standard drain valve. The kit also includes a drain tube with a thumb clamp, as well as an adaptor to connect the sheath to a drain bag. This urinal is an alternative to diapers or other absorbent garments. It is ideal for people with partial incontinence, dribbling, and surge incontinence.

    PGuard Urine Deflector Pee Splash Guard, Fresh Scent, Each

    This male urine guard is quick and easy; no more embarrassing mess. If you need to sit and pee, be proactive in preventing accidents by purchasing a PGuard urine splash guard for all your toilets. Sit back and relax on your porcelain throne and keep the "P" in the bowl and not on the floor! Men, sit on your throne and worry no more! This toilet splash guard keeps the "P" where it should be! In the bowl and not on the floor! This toilet seat urine guard is also great for moms who are potty training a toddler!

    U-Control sEMG

    Single channel, battery operated, portable, shirt pocket size sEMG monitor. Offers both visual and audio feedback as well as an easy to set threshold. The U-Control is the perfect portable sEMG monitor for training muscle activity including pelvic floor. (No cables or leads included - must be purchased separately))

    Zoned Performance Crew Neck XL

    Looking for a total transformation? You’re in the right place. We made this physique-improving, game-changing, seamless undershirt with cooling features and compression zones that transform the torso and chest. You'll look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger in your clothes.

    EZ-SHOWER Bedside Shower

    The EZ-SHOWER is an overhead bedside shower that can either hang on a bedpost or an I.V. pole. Designed to be used where a water source is unavailable and is capable of holding 2½ gallons of warm tap water – ample enough for a complete shampoo and rinse. The EZ-SHOWER is the ideal accessory for the EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Basin. Made of heavy-duty, latex free vinyl.

    Leg Spreader with Mirror and LED light for Self Catheterization

    Design driven by users feedback. Holds legs in a comfortable spread position to aid in visualizing the urethra and facilitate intermittent self catheterization. Provides large mirror area and rechargeable LED light so that the urethra is clearly visible. The adjustable mirror and bright light make self cathing easier in any situation. Easily fits in a backpack or large purse for discreet use at home or on the go. Extremely lightweight and moisture resistant with a surface area that provides cushioning and soft contour for a comfortable feel.

    Bath And Shower Hand Mitt

    Rehabilitation Advantage Bath and Shower Hand Mitt is a super absorbent sponge for self-care, washing vehicles, or cleaning dishes.

    Footbath Soaker Spa Bucket

    The Footbath Soaker Spa Bucket is a item used to rejuvenate rough and tired feet. The bucket completely fills various feet and ankle types with water and soothes the feet and ankles as well. Also, the foot soak bucket has a carrying handle allowing a user to take the bucket on the go! The color of the product comes in different colors!

    Go Bidet 2003C Chrome Bidet Attachment

    Back by popular demand! The Chrome Bidet Attachment is a high quality add-on bidet system that can add a cleansing front or rear wash to virtually any toilet. The GoBidet is universally designed to fit 1 or 2 piece toilets and can be set up to work with both hot and cold water connections. It comes ready with connections for cold water, but an optional hot water kit can also be added to supply warm water from a nearby sink. The GoBidet 2003C bidet attachment also comes with a dual function support bracket so it will work with both 1 and 2 piece toilets.

    Posey Hipsters, Medium

    Posey Hipsters help reduce the risk of injuries from a fall, such as hip fractures, through impact-absorbing foam pads over the critical fracture area.

    3M Surgical Clipper And Charger Starter Kit

    3M Surgical Clipper and Charger Starter Kit Starter kit reduces risk of nicks or cuts with the away-from-the-skin cutting blade position.

    Afex Receptacle-Low Style

    The Afex® Receptacle is a patented design that has a double wall interior to help prevent urine back flow so as to protect the skin from skin rashes irritation. The receptacle is latex free, pressure free, and adhesive free.

    Dignity Lifts- Deluxe Toilet Lifts

    This toilet lift is perfect for you to stay in your home. Maintain your independence and dignity with the Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Toilet Lift. The DL1 looks sleek so it won't ruin the look of your bathroom. It works great by helping you get up from and down to your toilet. This toilet lift prevents falls and keeps your from getting stuck in an embarrassing situation. It is a great way to avoid needing to move to the next level of care.

    Urinary Drainage Bag Holder 13"W x 8"H

    The Urinary Drainage Bag Holder is designed to conceal the contents from public view while maintaining residents dignity.

    AutoBrush® Pro

    AutoBrush is the only all-in-one oral health care tool to combine brushing, whitening, and cutting-edge light therapy. We’re proud to utilize the ADA-endorsed BASS brushing technique, brushing at an optimal 45° degree angle with up to 30,000 sonic pulses per minute. The AutoBrush Pro features a single-sided nylon mouthpiece brush head that cleans all surface areas of your teeth (including the backs, and all the way to the back molars) in just 60 seconds. It packs up to 29,000 bristles, brushing with the power of 10 toothbrushes in 1. The sleek design, whitening blue light, and gum-soothing red light set AutoBrush apart as more than another electric toothbrush; it’s a whole-mouth oral hygiene tool.

    The Release Device for Women: Relieves Discomfort of Bowel Issues

    The Release is a gentle vaginal device designed to relieve bowel issues associated with Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). Clinicians recommend the Release because it provides:

    Catheter Leg Strap 30"L

    Reduces accidental dislocation of catheter tubes

    Shower Poncho - Long Back - No Hood 34" (Front) 34"L (Back)

    This soft comfortable poncho conveniently fits over any resident and provides warmth especially after a shower.

    Long handle Body Wash, Lotion Applicator and Massager

    Handheld Self Lotion Applicator for Back, Foot Lotion, Shower Gel, Tanning, Skin Cream & Sunscreen Lotion. Long Shower Bath Brush, Easily Roll-On Dispenser

    Padded Safety Mitt

    Padded Mitts limit unwanted picking and scratching. Lightweight and comfortable, mitts have cushioned padding on palm surface, CooLine mesh on dorsal surface, slide buckle closure. Sold in pairs.

    Urocare - Lower Leg Fabric Leg Bag Holder

    Lower Leg Fabric Leg Bag Holder has a pocket that your leg bag slips into. The breathable material is a blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. This product eliminates contact between your skin and the urine bag and is an alternative to leg bag straps. It can be worn on the inner or outer side of the calf. Be sure to measure the circumference of your leg before selecting your size. This urinary leg bag holder is compatible with reusable latex or disposable vinyl leg bags.

    Empty Perineal Irrigation Bottle- each

    The Empty Perineal Irrigation Bottle allows you to control the stream of liquid coming from the bottle when in use. The steady stream of liquid helps to clean any open sutures, wounds or stomas, reducing the risk of infection and lowering irritation. Soft enough to squeeze when you need a stronger stream, it holds 8 oz (240cc) of liquid and fits easily in your hand. The lid screws on and off so you can refill it as needed. This clear irrigation bottle is graduated so you can accurately measure the amount of fluid needed and/or used. These handy bottles are also disposable for your convenience as well as, latex free and non-sterile.

    GoSpa Travel Bidet

    The Travel bidet is the easiest way to take the refreshing cleanse of a bidet wash on the go.

    Urine Drainage Bag 2000 mL

    TOP Features:✓ Easy-to-read graduations for measuring✓ Expansive catalog of sizes and designs available✓ Available for up to 2000ml✓ Designed to fit all hanging devices

    Plastic, Portable Toilet, 500 lb Maximum Weight, 16 in Overall Height, 14 1/2 in Overall Width

    Portable toilets provide sanitation in remote areas without restrooms or plumbing. They collect waste in disposable bags that are held in place by the toilet seat. These toilets fold down for transport and storage. They're often used in outdoor settings such as construction sites, logging operations, and campgrounds.

    Combi Chair Heavy Duty Extra Wide with Footrests, Caregiver Operated

    The Combi Caregiver-Operated is stable, fully adjustable and designed for patients with limited leg function, low stamina or reduced balance who require caregiver assistance during transfers. Every design detail of the Caregiver-Operated Combi is considerate of both the patient and the caregiver, providing a safe and accommodating experience during routine daily activities. This is the HEAVY DUTY EXTRA WIDE Model with Footrest.

    Elongated Bidet Seat

    The non-electric bidet seat is unlike any other bidet on the market today. Thanks to its ultra slim design, the bidet resembles a normal toilet seat, but has powerful bidet cleansing functionality built-in. It can be installed in just 10 minutes, requires no electricity, and features a simple one lever control system that’s simple enough for anyone to use. Oh, and it’s also the most affordable bidet seat available. For right side of toilet only.

    Long Handle Bath Wand and Lotion Applicator

    Soft-textured, contoured handle is comfortable to grip, even when wet.

    Lighted MagniGrip Tweezers

    Compact, 4.5x magnifier with attached fine-point tweezers and bright LED light.

    Electric Razor Strap

    The Electric Razor Strap is a cuff that fastens to the hand and holds an electric razor for a steady grasp while shaving. Adjustable straps make the razor conform to the hand and fit comfortably. The strap is ideal for users who have low grip strength.

    Wooden Handle Lotion Applicator-4 pads

    High Quality Design: The RMS Lotion Applicator makes it easy to apply various lotions, creams, and gels. It can be used wet or dry, it’s easy to clean and it’s perfect for traveling! The handle is made of lightweight wood, making it great for those with weak hand strength. The pads are easy to clean and antibacterial.

    Bard StatLock Foley Stabilization Device - Catheter Securement

    Statlock Foley Stabilization Device, manufactured by Bard, are designed to secure foley catheters in place without a leg strap. These Catheter Holders are a good alternative to strapping a catheter holder on the leg, because of the unique anchor pad design. The StatLock Latex-free anchor pad is easy to secure to the skin, preventing slipping. Anchor pads are much safer and easier to use than sutures. These anchor pads are air permeable to reduce skin irritation. The StatLock retainer device attaches to the anchor pads securing the catheter in place. The retainer device holds the catheter using transparent gull wings. To use the StatLock Stabilization Device, simply lift the wings, place the catheter inside, and then close the wings over the catheter. This process is much safer and simpler than securing with sutures. The Bard StatLock Foley Catheter Stabilization Device can turn on its axis 360 degrees. This is significant, because the extra movement can help to prevent accidental pulling or removal of catheters. The StatLock Catheter Holder fits most silicone or latex foley catheters.

    Drainable Mini Pouch, Size (I), Flange 1(3/4) inch, Beige Opaque Box of 10

    Drainable Mini Pouch, Beige is a drainable ostomy pouch designed with ComfortWear panels to provide a soft, cloth-like covering between the pouch and the skin. This ostomy pouch from Hollister Medical provides maximum protection and is designed with an odor-barrier material.

    Carebag Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad- Box of 20

    Commode or Bedpan Liner: 20-1/2 x 15-3/4 Inch, Pad: 5-1/8 x 9-7/16 Inch Box of 20 Carebag Commode Liners are award-winning CareBag commode or bedpan liners that seamlessly convert liquids into gel within a matter of seconds. While other, less advanced bedpan liners lack the technology to reduce the spread of germs, these patented CareBag bedpan liners are specifically designed to prevent the spread of hidden pathogens and bacteria, thus decreasing the risk of hospital-acquired infections. This liner fits most Commode Pails or Bedpans and completely eradicates unpleasant odors when closed, creating a hygienic user experience that is both discreet and comfortable.

    Royal Grip Suppository Inserter

    Nontoxic, molded plastic handles with transparent, adjustable vinyl straps. Spring-loaded tip on inserter prevents suppository from being expelled until fully inserted. Ejects when pressure is applied to plunger. Adjusts for right- or left-hand use. Cold chemical sterilize or wash in hot soapy water.

    Foot Tub Plastic Wash Basin- 7 Quart/6.6 Liter - Turquoise

    Plastic Polypropylene Wash Basin is perfect for use at a patient's bedside. This rectangular wash basin is graduated for measuring out wash solutions and it is disposable. This Medical Wash Basin allows full immersion of the feet. This Wash Basin is made from polypropylene and is 100% latex free to minimize allergic reactions.

    PreserveTech Aquachair Bathing System with Bidet

    Enjoy thorough, independent bathing with the PreserveTech™ Aquachair Bathing System with Bidet. The perfect solution for individuals with unsteadiness, standing difficulties or problems reaching, the premium shower seat features a convenient in-seat bidet plus handheld shower sprayer and an open seat to help the user clean hard-to-reach areas for optimal hygiene. For additional security and easier transfers.

    CareBag Bedpan Liner with Super Absorbent Pad White, Pack of 20

    A bedpan brings convenience to its user but who likes to clean it up after use? Rest assured, the CareBag Bedpan Liner will effectively collect and contain any body fluids and better yet: they will be turned into a gel! This is made possible thanks to the super absorbent pad provided inside each bag. When the patient is done performing body functions, the bag is to be sealed using the easy drawstring closure system and disposed of appropriately: Say goodbye to spillage, awful smell and hand cleaning of the bedpan!

    Deluxe One Handed Nail Care

    Features a large pivoting nail clipper, two slots to lock Emery boards into a vertical or horizontal position, and suction cup feet to secure the unit in place.

    Freedom Guard ATX with Ostomy Belt

    The Freedom-Guard ATX is the most durable of the three stoma guards offered by Stomaplex. This product will not absorb water. You can use this for all types of sports. With this ostomy belt for sports you will feel confident at the fitness center and not worry. The outside surface is covered in FDA approved rubber with the same rubber for a pad on the inside. This combination creates a tough and durable product which is why we recommend this ostomy belt for sports. The Freedom-Guard ATX cleans and dries in seconds. This guard comes included with either ostomy belt: 2-Strap Comfort Design or 1-Strap Hernia Belt.

    Ezy Eye Drop Guide and Eye Wash Cup

    The Ezy Eye Drop Guide and Eye Wash Cup is reusable and helps you place eye drops directly into your eye without blinking.

    Squatty Potty Adjustable 2.0

    Can’t decide whether you want 7” or 9” toilet stool? Now you don’t have to. The Adjustable 2.0’s versatile two-height design will put you in the right position no matter what!

    Nu-Comfort Belt for Ostomy and Hernia Support-W/ right opening, 3" ring, 6 " width, with prolapse support flap

    Choose Cool Comfort for a lightweight, breathable mesh-like elastic or Regular for a very soft, plush on the inside, smooth on the outside fabric.

    Afex Active Sport, Core Supporter and Open-Sided Briefs-3XL (48"-50") Waist

    Active Sport Briefs Recommended for highly active sportsmen who require additional stability. The briefs come with a snap horticultural fly and longer leg length. Activity loop tabs to accommodate the direct connection to the collection bag.

    Bendable Loofah Brush

    The Vive Bendable Loofah Brush makes it simple to clean hard-to-reach areas without twisting, bending, or straining. With a sturdy yet flexible handle, you can reach every area of your body for a more effective bath or shower. The lightweight loofah brush provides exfoliation to keep your skin supple and smooth. Each loofah brush comes with an extra loofah and a waterproof adhesive hook for hassle-free storage in your bathroom.

    Adult Containment Swim Short for Incontinence

    Adult Incontinence Underwear/Swimwear, Aztec pattern, Choose Size: X-Large to 3XL

    PeeBuddy 10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device

    Discreet funnel-shaped urination device that enables women to go anywhere - concerts, road trips, camping and more; no more crouching or wiping. Urinate while standing up without taking off your clothing. Contains 10 individual single use funnels.

    Lotion Applicator for Body

    Roll on lotion applicator with ergonomic design with a bendable handle for hard to reach areas.

    EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary Stainless Steel Fingernail & Toenail Clipper

    Sharp Blade Trimmer and Cutter made of stainless steel

    BRUDER Hygienic Eyelid Sheets. 35 Pack.

    3 1/2" x 7-7/8" Untreated micro fine sheets (35 Pack.Individually wrapped cleaning sheets)

    Drionic Underarm (Armpit)Wireless Devices

    The Drionic® Wireless Underarm devices offer unsurpassed effectiveness in providing long-term perspiration control due to Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Perspiration. No other treatment option has been shown to be more clinically more effective, safer, pain free and more economical than the Drionic Sweat Stop devices. The Drionic® Wireless Devices have been the most Doctor Recommended and Prescribed iontophoresis devices in the world for more than 30 years and they are the best selling devices of their type. They come with the best and most comprehensive 150 Day Guarantee and Six Year Warranty in the industry. All first time Drionic® Users receive a 150 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on orders that are accompanied by a physicians prescription and a health insurer's claims denial letter. Free Worldwide Shipping is also included in the purchase price of each new pair or devices. The Drionic® Wireless (Armpit) Device is among the most effective known treatments for stopping sweat in the armpits. The Drionic® Wireless Devices were the first iontophoresis devices to patent and publish the term pulsed current system that also includes alternatiing signal and soft start/stop technology. All other ionotphoresis manufactures have attempted to copy this breakthrough technology. Most of these competitor have implemented pulsed technology incorrectly or incompletely. The Drionic® Wireless Devices are prescribed by more Physicians, Pediatricians, Podiatrists, Physician Assistants and Chiropractors than any other medical device or medical procedure available on the market today. The Drionic® Sweat Stop devices have been clinically shown to be over 95% effective in stopping sweat in FDA Cleared Human Clinical Trials conducted by Independent Researchers at several Major Medical Centers. During the initial treatment period the Drionic® Wireless Devices need to be used every day for up to 30 minutes. This is done until the perspiration is lowered to an acceptable level. For most people this happens in two to three weeks of daily treatment. Once the perspiration is lowered to an acceptable level most users retreat themselves once every 4 to 6 weeks. The operation of the Drionic® Wireless Devices is simple, safe, effective and affordable. The user wets two small felt pads with tap water, slide the pads back into the pad trays turn each device on, place the device under each armpit for 30 minutes. Turn the device off. Rinse the pads under running tap water and that's it. The initial daily treatment period lasts for 10 to 14 days for most people. A complete Instruction Manual come with each pair of Drionic® Wireless Devices. Most health insurers will reimburse for Drionic® Wireless Devices with a prescription. Drionic® Wireless Devices are contraindicated for users that have the following pre-existing conditions: implanted pacemakers and cardio-defibrillators, epilepsy, pregnancy & nursing, phlebothrombosis, thrombophlebitis and metal implants. These devices are not recommended for use by children under the age of nine years. Drionic® Wireless Devices have on very rare instances been reported to have occurrences of prolonged skin redness or irriation. This occurs in about 1 in 10,000 users.

    Drionic Hands & Feet Devices

    The Drionic device is an FDA authorized iontophoresis instrument used to treat hyperhidrosis or heavy sweating. The Drionic unit comes into two variants – hand/foot unitand an Underarm unit. Please consult your dermatologist for any questions relating to your use of Drionic or reimbursement from your health plan.

    Cara Cotton Gloves, PR

    These hypoallergenic 100% cotton gloves work effectively to aid the absorption of hand creams and ointments or to conceal skin disorders. Make the most of lotions and treatments - perfect for overnight use. They provide a comfortable fit and can be washed for re-use. For over 15 years, Cara has been dedicated to providing the consumer with quality, cost-effective products. Consumers have come to recognize the name Cara for value. Cara provides a broad line of reliable, high-quality, and economical Home Healthcare products with manufacturer warranty to provide complete consumer satisfaction.

    Plastic Comb, 7 Inch, Black - 36/Package

    Black. Single Patient Use. Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.

    Electric Toothpaste

    Automatic Electric Toothpaste Squeezer with Sensor Wall-Mounted for Washroom Bathroom

    Open-Suction Sleeved Suction Catheter with Cup, Whistle Tip

    Open-Suction Sleeved Suction Catheter with Cup, Whistle Tip

    C3 Incontinence Penis Clamp, 3PK

    The C3 Penis Clamp is an external urethral clamp or Incontinence Clamp that is inexpensive and comfortable solution for men to maintain Urinary Control. Designed to manage mild to moderate male incontinence, the C3 Incontinence Penis Clamp is placed around the penis to restrict the flow of urine without restricting the flow of blood. The C3 Clamp is contoured with a cradle shape that clamps evenly around the penis. The soft foam construction of the C3 Penis Clamp is comfortable for the incontinence patient and provides pressure only where it is needed—upon the urethra. Since the C3 Penis Clamp is disposable and priced accordingly, male incontinence patients replace it regularly at intervals, maintaining better hygiene than with most other penile clamps.

    Long Handled Toenail Clippers for Thick Toenail

    Help people who have difficulty bending over cut their toenails conveniently and gracefully.

    Royal Grip Suppository Inserter & Digital Bowel Stimulator- Combo Pack

    Royal Grip Suppository Inserter & Digital Bowel Stimulator-Combo Pack Adjusts for right- or left-hand use Six inches from tip to handle Fully washable

    Battery Operated Nail File

    Say goodbye to old-fashioned nail files and clippers. Now you can quickly and effortlessly trim and shape your nails with this easy-to-use, battery-operated nail file. The gentle, precise rotary action offers two speeds for professional results every time. Features an easy-grip handle and 2 emery heads that never wear down (small for fingernails and large for toenails). Storage cap included. Req. 2 "AA" batteries (sold separately). Plastic. 7"L.

    Scleral Cup Large Contact Lens Handler - Inserts and Removes Scleral Contact Lenses and Prosthetic Eyes

    The Scleral Cup is an excellent tool to simply and easily remove and insert larger hard and scleral contact lenses as well as prosthetic eyes. FOR SCLERAL LENS REMOVAL

    Personal Hygiene