Personal Hygiene

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Bottom Buddy

Bottom Buddy is a toilet tissue aid designed for self-cleansing when reaching is difficult.

Etac Toilet Aid

Spring clip holds toilet tissue. Just squeeze the handle to open.

Self Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid

Superior, smooth, rounded design provides more comfort than other devices and allows for accurate placement and pressure.

Convatec Ostomy Belt

Convatec Adjustable Ostomy Appliance Belt with Plastic Buckle.

Deluxe Reusable Quilted Underpad, 36"W x 72"L

Deluxe Reusable Quilted Underpad, 36"W x 72"L Controls and absorbs liquids. Quilted 3-layer design will not slip, ball, or shift. 7 oz. brushed polyester/rayon soaker with a PVC/ polyester back sheet to absorb and trap fluids. Entire pad is bound with waterproof binding for long life. Finished edges.

VenoSeal Venous Leak Constriction Loop

VenoSeal is a constriction band used by men to maintain an erection. Men suffering from venous leak may be helped by using the VenoSeal

Hipsters Incontinent

These Safety Briefs help protect individuals from hip injuries in the event of a fall. They include a snap button closure in the front that makes them easy to apply or remove over incontinence pads or briefs that a patient might be wearing.

SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System

The SinuPulse Elite was developed and engineered in Switzerland to be the best, most advanced sinus and nasal irrigation system in the world complete with state-of-the-art electronics and Intellipulse technology.

**StomaShield Stoma Guard (small, medium and large included)

Here are just a few of the benefits of EVERYDAY stoma protection: Car seat belts Clothing Work Hobbies/Sports Sleeping/Intimacy Reduce chances of parastomal hernias Keeps clothing/belt from pinching off ostomy bag Provides crucial support when ostomy bag gets heavy Channels stoma output underneath clothing Wear normal clothes with an ostomy again!

Posey Hipsters® Male Fly Brief with High Durability Pads, Large

High impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads help protect hip bones against injury from falls. Soft, comfortable pads help improve compliance versus hard-shell products. 100% Latex-free.

Dignity Pant Unisex Small, Waist Sizes 30 to 35 Inches

Dignity Pants Unisex are fitted briefs made of 50% cotton/polyester with wide elastic waistband. The Dignity Pant Unisex are streamlined and discreet. “Stretch-Loc” pouch holds liner securely in place for bladder and bowel protection. The body fabric of the Dignity Pant Unisex is made from 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. The Dignity Unisex Pant accommodates different-sized disposable pads, liners, guards and undergarments.

ReadyBath Shampoo Cap

Specially formulated cleansers clean, condition and leave hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean.

Deluxe Freedom Wand

Designed as a personal hygiene aid for toileting, applying ointment and bathing. Ideal for anyone with limited mobility due to Spinal injuries, shoulder limitations, obesity, etc. The four extendable fingers can grip toilet paper, razor, bath sponge or even be used as a limited Reacher. Push button extension tube can be easily removed as needed to shorten the Length.

Lotion Applicator with 2 Extra Pads

Lotion Applicator with 2 Extra Pads

Clean Easy

The answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult.

3-Pack Replacement Bags

3 two liter, Multi-use replaceable collection bag with flexible, kink resistant tubing. Easy twist connector allows for quick bag replacement. Must be combined with Advantage Urinal Systems Handheld Urinals. Bag has been redesigned thicker, more durable, double sealed with new bed hanger clip and a full anti-reflux valve. Average life-span of bag is approx. 3 months.

Free-Up Soft Tissue Massage Cream, 16 oz.

Free-Up® Soft Tissue Massage Cream The professional's top choice for soft tissue massage cream is noted for it's glide, lubrication and tissue perception qualities. Free-Up massage cream was developed by a top physical therapist to meet the demands of a professional massage medium - including great glide, superior tissue perception and a slow absorption rate. Free-Up is cost effective because of it's slow absorption rate. Free-Up is also hypo-allergenic, bacteriostatic and does not contain beeswax. Free-Up massage cream will not ball up or dry out on the skin. Cream is non-greasy and leaves your hands feeling as though you’ve used a quality hand cream.

Afex Incontinence Management System- High Style for Active Daytime Use, Large

Incontinence Management System offers a discreet and comfortable way for men to manage urinary leakage.

Afex Active Core Incontinence Kit High Style for Active Daytime Use

The Afex® Active Core Incontinence Kit features everything you will need for daytime incontinence protection. It is designed specifically for the active male who experiences moderate to heavy overactive urine flow due to a prostatectomy or prostate removal.

Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal Replacement Sheath with Connector

Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal Replacement Sheath with Connector is made from flexible latex and has an interior and exterior odor barrier for ultimate protection against urine smell. It has snap closures around the base to allow it to securely attach to the suspensory garment. This sheath comes with a standard bottom drain valve that connects to medical tubing or directly to a drainage bag. Express Medical Supply carries a 4" and 7" sheath.

Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal)

Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal) has a suspensory garment featuring several velcro closures around the waist band that allow for the proper fit. It comes with a latex sheath and a standard drain valve. The kit also includes a drain tube with a thumb clamp, as well as an adaptor to connect the sheath to a drain bag. This urinal is an alternative to diapers or other absorbent garments. It is ideal for people with partial incontinence, dribbling, and surge incontinence.

PGuard Urine Deflector Pee Splash Guard, Fresh Scent, Each

This male urine guard is quick and easy; no more embarrassing mess. If you need to sit and pee, be proactive in preventing accidents by purchasing a PGuard urine splash guard for all your toilets. Sit back and relax on your porcelain throne and keep the "P" in the bowl and not on the floor! Men, sit on your throne and worry no more! This toilet splash guard keeps the "P" where it should be! In the bowl and not on the floor! This toilet seat urine guard is also great for moms who are potty training a toddler!

U-Control sEMG

Single channel, battery operated, portable, shirt pocket size sEMG monitor. Offers both visual and audio feedback as well as an easy to set threshold. The U-Control is the perfect portable sEMG monitor for training muscle activity including pelvic floor. (No cables or leads included - must be purchased separately))

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

The Wall Mounted Towel Rack is an accessory for Hydrocollator Heating Units. Six hooks extend 13" (33 cm) from wall.

Urocare - Reusable Urinary Drainage Leg Bag

Urocare - Reusable Urinary Drainage Leg Bag is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to best suit your needs. Each bag is made from seamless durable latex rubber and has a built in odor barrier. They also contain a Little Red Valve, which prevents urine reflux and increased flow. The top adapter works with rubber or vinyl catheter tubing and provides a secure connection. The bottom drain valve has a gasket ring that seals the threads, preventing fingers from coming into contact with urine while emptying the bag.

Zoned Performance Crew Neck XL

Looking for a total transformation? You’re in the right place. We made this physique-improving, game-changing, seamless undershirt with cooling features and compression zones that transform the torso and chest. You'll look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger in your clothes.

Lotion Applicator with Sponge

Easily allows you to apply lotions, oils and creams to those hard to reach spots without straining.

EZ-SHOWER Bedside Shower

The EZ-SHOWER is an overhead bedside shower that can either hang on a bedpost or an I.V. pole. Designed to be used where a water source is unavailable and is capable of holding 2½ gallons of warm tap water – ample enough for a complete shampoo and rinse. The EZ-SHOWER is the ideal accessory for the EZ-SHAMPOO® Hair Washing Basin. Made of heavy-duty, latex free vinyl.