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    Paraffin Thermometer

    When protecting those in your care is a top priority, this Paraffin Thermometer is a good tool to have on your side. Melting paraffin can be tricky.
    Product #: 21169FEI

    When new, paraffin melting units operate within a temperature range of 125-134 degrees, with the ideal temperature for melting to be at about 130 degrees. Older units, most without built in temperature gauges,  can heat unevenly or take longer to get up to melting heat. On top of that, no two units heat exactly the same.

    This thermometer lets clinicians take the guesswork out of paraffin treatments and avoid costly mistakes by having clients place body parts into paraffin baths that are either too hot that it burns, or too cold that the paraffin is still not fully melted. Offering Instant Read technology, this thermometer quickly and easily displays the current temperature of the melting paraffin up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes in a protective sleeve doubles as an extension handle. Simply thread the thermometer stem through the hole located at the bottom of the sleeve to act as a holder to protect hands and keep them away from the heat.

    Please note, this is the Paraffin Thermometer only. Paraffin, melting units and all other accessories are available separately. The 1" diameter shatterproof lens is also magnified, making the numbers easy to read. At 5" long, the thermometer is small, lightweight and can fit in a pocket. The protective sleeve also features a pocket clip.

    After use, the thermometer will probably be hot to the touch. It's advised to protect the hands when handling. Do not leave thermometer in the melting unit when melting paraffin as damage to the lens may occur. To clean, handwash the thermometer only. Do not immerse it in water or place in the dishwasher.

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