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    P2005, ThumDuction Strap, Adult

    Two-part strap positions the thumb for function and control of muscle tone.
    Product #: 2152005DG


    • Use the 3pp ThumDuction strap to control mild to moderate hypertonicity (spasticity) or to position the thumb for function for persons with weakness due to stroke (CVA)or paralysis. Can also be used to lessen symptoms of tendinitis.
    • Two-part design makes it easy to position the thumb away from the palm to control tone or aligned under the thumb to improve pinch.
    • Soft, breathable foam-lined material resists slipping and provides gentle control.
    • Adult and pediatric sizes fit a broad range of hand sizes.
    • Machine washable. Latex free.
    • Light Control

    Sizing Information

    Instructions: Measure length from the end joint of the thumb to the wrist. Fits both right and left hands. 3-Point Products is not responsible for incorrect or improper sizing, fit or use of splints.
    Adult Size - 2 3/4'' to 4 1/2''  
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