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    Orthomerica California Soft Spinal (1 Pull CC & ATE/PTE)

    OrthoAmerica California Original Soft Spinal Orthosis The pre-fabricated "Original" California Soft Spinal Orthosis has been designed to alleviate pain, limit undesirable motion, and provide circumferential pressure to stabilize the spine. The basic system is modular, comprising rigid components inside a soft and comfortable interface.
    Product #: 2316456MM

    Indicated for spinal problems between L3 and S1, a supportive, time-efficient, comfortable alternative to hard shell custom spinal systems. The orthosis can be effective for more superior spinal problems between T7 and L3, by adding either an anterior, posterior, or combined upper thoracic component. All components can be retrofitted and are modular and interchangeable. Velcro® attachable lateral stabilizing supports are also available when more control of lateral flexion and rotation is needed. The anterior and posterior ABS modular components can be heated.


    • Soft, breathable interface reduces heat build up and keeps patient cool and comfortable
    • Ultra thin material is extremely lightweight Interface material is loop compatible and allows for an infinite number of strap placements
    • All plastic design is MRI and X-ray compatible
    • Washable
    • Three point tensioning produces uniform abdominal compression
    • All straps have hook on bottom side and can attach to anterior for easy accessibility
    • Strap can be secured anywhere on the anterior panel
    • Velcro overlap closure is the easiest to donn and doff
    • Produces immediate abdominal compression
    • Allows the patient to secure the posterior panel first without assistance
    • Patient can be weaned off the rigid anterior shell
    Chest- 39" - 45" Waist- 36" - 42". Hips- 40" - 46" Standard Anterior- 11" Posterior- 17.5"