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M-Rail Bedside Assist

Comfortable, nonslip foam covered handle is 18"W and requires no tools for attachment.

Rocker Knife Carrying Case

Carrying case for Large, 4" handle with a stainless-steel 3-1/2" single-edged blade.

Horizontal Peeler

Handles provide a secure hold when peeling vegetables. High-quality peelers have potato eye removers and stainless steel blades.  Dishwasher safe.  Peelers have cushioned, built-up grips that won’t slip in your hands, even when wet.

Empty Putty Containers

Soft, plastic containers will not dent or break.  One convenient size holds 2 oz. (57g) to 6 oz. (170g) of putty. Pkg of 10.

Suction Brush

Scrub with just one hand.

Hardwood Transfer Board 30"L

A beautifully grained hardwood board with tapered ends to 1/8" for easy sliding. Surface is smoothly finished. Measures 8"W x 3/4"D. Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Latex free.

Hardwood Transfer Board 24"L

A beautifully grained hardwood board with tapered ends to 1/8" for easy sliding. Surface is smoothly finished. Measures 8"W x 3/4"D. Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Latex free.

Blue Dycem Pad, Round

The Dycem 0.4mm thick anti-slip mats and pads provide a secure surface that anchors items, such as a cup, plate, tool, note pad and telephone on the table or tray. Dycem place mats improve the stability of a variety of objects during therapy and around the home. Material is reusable and easy to clean. Latex free. Circular pad, 5-1/2 inch diameter, Blue.

Lei Back™ Brace

Outstanding back support without restricting motion.

Economy Overdoor Traction w/ Waterbag

Provides cervical traction in a seated position.

Flex-O-Lace® Shoelace - Black

Lace shoes with these elastic laces just once, and they’re ready to be put on and removed without tying again. Retainer piece adjusts to maintain desired tightness. Laces are 12" long. Two pairs per package.

Flex-O-Lace® Shoelace - White

Lace shoes with these elastic laces just once, and they’re ready to be put on and removed without tying again. Retainer piece adjusts to maintain desired tightness. Laces are 12" long. Two pairs per package.

Good Grips® Jar Opener

Place the jar on the removable base to keep jars from sliding. This will reduce the amount of force needed to open the jar. Position the sharp, stainless steel teeth on the jar lid. Use the large, contoured, nonslip handle for better leverage and twist in the direction of the arrow. Can be used by left- or right-handed. Can accommodate large jars or small bottle tops. Dishwasher safe.

Dr. Joseph's Original Footbrush, pack of 3

For hygiene of lower extremities of people with limited access to their feet. Replaceable sponge tip for cleaning and applying medication between toes. Plastic contoured handle. Nylon brush for comfort. Includes wrist strap. Overall length is 24-1/2", with 3-3/4" brush and 1-3/8" wedge-tip sponge (2 sponges included).

Kennedy™ Cup

Perfect when sitting or reclining. Easy-to-grip handle can be picked up by those with weak grasp. Lid screws on tightly to prevent spills or leaks.

Utensil Holder

Economical, adjustable holder with beige polyester webbing holds most dining utensils.

Right Angle Utensil Pocket

Take advantage of the utensil pocket that positions utensils at right angle to the palm. Made to slide into all the other pockets and utensil holders.

Round Scoop Dish

9" round scoop dish of extra-thick. Heavy-duty reinforced rim and base withstands institutional usage.

Pan Holder

Coated steel-rod frame with suction cups attaches to the stove top.

EZ Clean Gait Belts 58"L

Coated webbing is thick for better grasping and support.

Foot Funnel

Hands-free shoe donning is safer and easier. This functional alternative to the long handled shoe horn loads into the shoe. Its straight, smooth surface makes it easy to get foot in and FootFunnel out. Great for those who can’t reach down with their hands. Works with most shoe types and sizes.

Economy Hand Held Shower Head w/ Converter to Tub Spout

Convert a tub spout to a hand held shower.

Mini Vibrator

Quality and convenience, in a portable vibrator.

Weighted Pen

Weighted Pen A great therapeutic aid with exclusive “pencil grip” technology! This unique, perfectly balanced pen reduces fatigue while increasing muscle strength. A weighted pen decreases hand tremors, improves legibility and prevents writer's cramp. Weighs approximately 4.3 oz. Black ink. Retractable. Pen barrel color black. The grip is metallic black.

Modabber Thumb Orthosis

Comfortable, customizable thumb support.

Good Grips Shoehorn - 24''

Good Grips Shoehorn - 24" Offers an extended reach and a secure, cushioned grip. The built-up handle is made of a latex-free, rubber-like material and features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. The textured surface prevents the foot from sticking to the shoehorn, helping it slide easily into the shoe. Handle diameter is 1-1/2".

Thera-Band Foot Roller - Green 1/2" center

For temporary relief from foot pain.

Insulated Mug with Lid.

Keep drinks at the right temperature. 12oz.

Head master Collar Medium Grey

Head master Collar Medium Grey Padded tubular design. Bends to adjust for neck flexion or extension. Allows access to a tracheal tube. Optional pads available for extra support. To size, measure from center of chin to corner of jaw. If between sizes, choose the smaller collar. Hand wash, air-dry

SMART-Mirror™Neuro re-education panel

SMART-Mirror™Neuro re-education panel

Key Turner III

Curved handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows for easy turning.

GripWare™ Partitioned Scoop Dish

High walls are helpful for scooping food onto utensils Stackable Dishwasher and microwave safe

Norco Molded Sock Aid With Two Handles

The 33 inch cords can be cut to adjust length. Soft foam handles. Semi-flexible plastic trough holds sock in place while pulling onto foot.

Norco Plastic Shoehorn with Hook

Hooked handle pulls up socks. Norco™ Plastic Shoehorn with Hook offers a comfortable hold for fingers and may be used to pull up socks.  Nylon loop for easy storage.  Measures 16-1/4" (41cm) long. Comfortable hold for fingers

Easy Pull Sock Aid

Foot slides easily on the nylon lining while the sock remains secure.

Power Web Original

The rubber webbing of each exerciser offers varying degrees of resistance and elasticity to improve strength and ROM. For everything from one finger to both hands. Includes exercise manual. Power-Web Original. 14" diameter and weighs less than 1 lb.

Wrist Widget

A revolutionary way to treat ulnar-sided wrist pain and TFCC tears.

Flexible Straw Pkg. of 10

Adaptable straws are reusable.

Heavy Weighted Pencil

A therapeutic product designed to help hand health issues.


Accommodates large handles. This expandable elastic strap fits almost any size hand. Two loops accommodate various handle sizes. Standard strap fits all Good Grips® utensils and other large or built-up handles.

Quad Care Utensil Holder

Specially designed for quadriplegics.

Mediflow® Elite Water Based Pillow

Exclusive waterbase design.

Terrycloth Wash Mitt with Pocket

Terrycloth mitt provides a palm pocket to hold bar of soap.

Molded Sock Aid with Cord Handle

A foam disc on the underside of the trough prevents the sock from sliding off before it is completely on the foot.

Colored Foam Tubing, Tan 1/4", 1"

Ideal for visually impaired

Norco Shoulder Pulley

Everything needed to perform range of motion exercises at home.

Hand Finger Contracture Cushion, Large

Pillow support for contracted fingers.

Long Handle Sponge, Round Loofah

Long Handle Sponge, Round Loofah

Elastic Shoelaces - 2 Pr/Pkg

Shoelaces - 2 Pr/Pkg Heavy-duty elastic shoelaces for those who require or prefer better support. No special lacing or tying required. 2 pair per package, except 3/16" are 3 pair per pkg. Latex free except where indicated.

Premium E-Z Clean Gait Belt, 60" Black

Premium EZ-Clean Gait Belts assist caregivers with the lifting, walking and transfer of patients, helping to prevent back injury. Spring-loaded buckle is molded from rugged polyethylene, making it self-locking and easy to secure. Belts wipe clean with liquid disinfectant to avoid cross-contamination during patient transfers. Can be cut to the desired length without fraying. All belts measure 2" (5.1cm) wide.

Stax Finger Splint, Pack of 12

The Stax Finger Splint is normally worn without padding and is fixed to the middle phalanx with a self adhesive strap.

Rosidal® Lymphset Deluxe Double Arm Kit

Convenient, prepackaged kit saves time and simplifies the ordering process, as well as inventory management.

Exercise Band Resistance Pack - Light Pack, Levels 1, 2, 3

Exercise Band Resistance Pack - Light Pack, Levels 1, 2, 3

Thera-Band Portable Roller Massager

The TheraBand Roller Massager+ is a versatile tool for self massage. With its rigid design and durable handles, it's easy to target sore and tight muscles post activity and during warm-ups. Achieve an at-home deep tissue massage with just the right amount of pressure that you can control. Healthcare professionals recommend this self-massage body maintenance tool for runners, cyclists, and those looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. Don't risk impairing your perfomance or comfort levels by pushing through stiff muscles and knots. The TheraBand Roller Massager+ is the ideal self-massaging tool for maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle.

Bed Positioning Wedge

Bed Positioning Wedge

Elastic Laces, 24" White, 2 Pairs

Turn a lace-up shoe into a slip-on shoe.

Safety Strips (20/Pack)- White

Safety Strips (20/Pack)- White

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves, Open Finger, Pair

Smooth stretch fabric provides gentle, even compression to help prevent edema.

EZ Clean Gait Belt, 70" Blue

Coated webbing is thicker than the Posey® E-Z Clean Gait Belt for better grasping and support.

E-Z Clean Gait Belt, 70" Blue, Plastic Enclosure

E-Z Clean Gait Belt, 70" Blue, Plastic Enclosure

Pronex Cervical Traction

Easy to use cervical traction treatment in the comfort of one's home.

Plastic Handle Swivel Fork

Plastic Handle Swivel Fork

Heel Lift, Large, 1/8"

Unsurpassed comfort and superior impact protection.

Latex-Free Moleskin, 12" x 5 yd. (30.5cm x 4.57m) Beige

Easy-to-remove backing for quick application. Easy-Pull™ Moleskin is made of 100% napped cotton. Use to line splints, fabricate custom finger cuffs, and reduce skin friction against the splints. Low-tack backing is easy to remove and replace. Clean with a damp sponge and air dry. Product thickness: 1/16" (1.6mm). Not made with natural rubber latex.

GripWare High-Sided Dish with Cutout Edge

GripWare High-Sided Dish with Cutout Edge

Thera-Band Resistance Band Kit

Thera-Band Resistance Band Kit

SPIL-PRUF Urinal - Female

SPIL-PRUF Urinal - Female

Elbow/Heel Protectors

Elbow/Heel Protectors

ADL Universal Cuffs, 3-1/2" to 4"

Soft elastic band fits perfectly everytime.

Clip-On Food Guard, Package of 5

Contoured edge helps keep food on the plate.

Loop Scissors/Long Blade

Ergonomic self-opening, adjustable scissors with lightweight handles.

High Sided Dish, 7 3/4" - White

High rim makes scooping extra easy.

Easi-Grip Scissors, Pointed End

Easi-Grip Scissors, Pointed End

Long Bath Sponge, Contoured

Long Bath Sponge, Contoured

Siris Swan Neck Splints

Siris Swan Neck Finger Splint is for mild to moderate hyperextension, less than 25 degrees of the PIP or DIP joint. When worn on the fingers or the thumb, it blocks hyperextension without limiting flexion. It can be used for DIP joints with mild to severe hyperextension as long as the DIP joint can passively flex and the PIP joint can actively extend.

Thumb Spica Splint

Firm yet flexible thumb support allows thumb IP motion.

Elasto-Gel Therapy Wraps, 9" x 24"

Versatile wraps can be used for either heat or cold therapy.

Elasto-Gel Wrap, Lumbar (Waist 24"-36")

Versatile wraps can be used for either heat or cold therapy.

PALS Platinum Blue Electrodes, 2" Square, 4 pack

Ideal for extremely sensitive skin.

ShearStop Push Gloves with LiquiCell Palm Protection, Half Finger

Terry cloth thumb wipes away perspiration. Strategically placed grip pads provide extra control. Lycra backs allow an exceptional fit.

ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 4.0 - Box of 6

Disposable, single-use, non-invasive iontophoretic drug delivery system.

Electronic Timer/Stopwatch

Large buttons and LCD display for easy use. Can be used as a stopwatch. Includes clip and magnet. Includes one "AAA" battery.

Free-Up Soft Tissue Massage Cream, 16 oz.

Free-Up® Soft Tissue Massage Cream The professional's top choice for soft tissue massage cream is noted for it's glide, lubrication and tissue perception qualities. Free-Up massage cream was developed by a top physical therapist to meet the demands of a professional massage medium - including great glide, superior tissue perception and a slow absorption rate. Free-Up is cost effective because of it's slow absorption rate. Free-Up is also hypo-allergenic, bacteriostatic and does not contain beeswax. Free-Up massage cream will not ball up or dry out on the skin. Cream is non-greasy and leaves your hands feeling as though you’ve used a quality hand cream.

Silopad Digital Pads, Small/Medium, Pack of 12

Silopad Digital Pads, Small/Medium, Pack of 12

Protocold Cervical/Neck

Innovative, reusable, non-gel wraps and pads can be used directly on the skin.

PALS® Platinum Electrodes: 1.25" Round:40/PK

PALS® Platinum Electrodes: 1.25" Round:40/PK

Compression Glove

Norco™ Compression Gloves offer a comfortable light to moderate compression option.

Bunnell Reverse Finger Knuckle Bender, XS

Dynamically extends the PIP joint.

Sof-Stretch Coil Extension Splint, Standard

Treat various diagnoses involving PIP joint tightness.

Medic-Air Inflatable Support Back Pillow, 18" x 15"

Inflate to provide the precise amount of support needed.

Standard Hex Dumbbells- Black


Wrist Support with Universal Cuff

Position a drop-wrist into the desired degree of extension with this durable dorsal wrist support.

MediBeads Moist Heat Pack, Standard

Designed to deliver a moist heat treatment when lying in bed or sitting in a chair. * Washable and reusable * 9" X 12" * MediBeads are washable, odor-free, dust free, and will not support bacteria or fungal growth. * Unlike other grain and pellet products, MediBeads need no special covers, they will not dry out, dissolve or disintegrate. * When microwaved, MediBeads draw moisture from the air and release it as clean, deeply-penetrating moist heat - no need to add water.

Crutch-Mate Gel Arm Pads

Resilient gel helps prevent friction and skin breakdown.

MediBeads Therapy Wrap, 7" x 14" (18 x 36cm)

Microwavable moist heat for home and clinic.