Pisces Healthcare Solutions was awarded a five year soft goods contract with the Denver Acquisition & Logistics Center (DALC). The award, worth an estimated $18.5M based on annual renewals over the contract period, is to provide compression stockings nationally to the Veteran Health Administration. "We are very excited about this award which reflects our continued commitment to serving our veteran brothers by providing them with quality products and the newest technologies on the market,“ says Louis Hernandez, President and CEO of Pisces Healthcare Solutions. For VA personnel looking for more information about the specific products included in the ROES system, Click Details below!
DFree Bladder Scanner and Notification Device Now Covered Under Veterans Affairs Benefits
Diabetic Veterans are now utilizing tools such as lighted telescopic mirrors to inspect feet or wound or ulcers. Early detection is key in treating foot ulcers. Read more below!
Pisces Healthcare Solutions was thrilled to join the PVA and expo in 2019. We shared new technologies with Veterans and VA sponsors as well as cheered on some inspiring Veterans in their competition!