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    Nebulizer, Adult Elastic Strap Style Aerosol Mask, 7 Ft Supply Tubing

    Small Volume Jet Nebulizers are capable of nebulizing 3 cc of medication within 10 minutes or less in a horizontal or vertical position. Designed to reduce nebulized medication delivery times, this allows patients to comfortably take their medication without much hassle. Premier products for hospitals, clinics or personal home use.

    The anti-drool "T" design helps prevent contamination from patient saliva. The larger surface area provided by its unique convex cone design maximizes dispersion and minimizes medication waste. Removable "cone" design is color coded for convenience in cleaning and reassembly. Scalloped, bottom cuff design simplifies attachment to the compressor.

    Small Volume Jet Nebulizer 8900 Series Features and Benefits

    • Nebulizes 3cc in Under 10 Minutes in Horizontal or Vertical Position
    • Shorter Treatment Times for Convenience and Comfort
    • Efficient Larger Surface Area Design Minimizes Medication Waste
    • Clear Plastic Allows Visible Inspections
    • Simple Disassembly and Reassembly for Cleaning
    • 1/8 Turn Screw on Cap Provides Leak Proof Seal
    • Anti-Drool "T" Mouthpiece Prevents Patient Saliva Contamination
    • Easy Tube Attachment to Compressors and Masks

    Small Volume Jet Nebulizer 8900 Series Specifications

    • Product Number: 8900
    • Latex-Free
    • Single-Patient Use
    • Disposable

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