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    Multipro Electronics Units with Accessories (Accessories: Auxiliary Connector Cable, Battery and Hook & Loop)

    This MultiPro Safety Alarm Unit includes the following: batteries, cable accessories, and electronic unit with nurse call capabilities and music tones.
    Product #: 2909510SC
    The MultiPro Safety Alarm serves as a bed or chair alert system and nurse call button. When a patient leaves the bed or chair, an alarm will sound without interfering the nurse call button. The system can be installed on any wheelchair or bed with a hook and loop tab, mounting bracket, or cord loop.

    The MultiPro alarm includes the following features:

    • Auto Reset
    • Nurse Call
    • Green/Red Flashing Light
    • Battery Test
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Battery Included
    • High-Low Volume
    • Two Buzzers/Two Music Tones
    • Cable Strain Relief
    • Bumpers
    • Mountable

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