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    Molift Easy Toilet 4-Point RgoSling without Head Support Size M, Weight Capacity 99-209 lbs.

    Maximum Comfort All our slings are designed to distribute weight and pressure evenly for maximum comfort. As Molift is committed to comfort and safety we offer a wide range of various models and sizes. We recommend individual testing. We have a color code indicating sling size to facilitate a quick and easy selection.
    Product #: 2N1720530SS

    Anatomical shape makes the difference! Molift RgoSling has an anatomical shape and a fitted cut with fixed padding both in the back and leg parts.

    The anatomic design allows for the natural curvature of the spine and stops the user from sliding. In combination with the balanced weight distribution, a safe and comfortable hoist is achieved.

    Unique sliding loop function The unique sliding loop function in the shoulder straps, balances the weight distribution in every stage of the hoist, making it very comfortable to hoist from a lying to a sitting position and vice versa. Thereby an external angle adjustment of the suspension is redundant.

    Scandinavian Design Molift slings are designed in Norway, applying the same high standards as it does to Molift hoists. All the slings have been approved according to quality standard EN ISO 10535.

    We recommend the use of 4-point suspension for comfortable hoisting, but the slings may also be used with a 2-point suspension.

    Unique Features:

    The shoulder straps have the unique Molift sliding loops, to secure a comfortable and safe position for the patient. At the same time the clever design of the leg parts distributes the pressure for increased comfort.

    Sling application is made very easy due to the centrally placed pocket, together with the special folding technique developed by Molift.