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    MMT Classic Silicone Cupping Set set of 4

    Cupping Therapy is used to decompress and release adhesions, scar tissue, relax muscles in spasm, decrease trigger point pain, lymphatic drainage, decrease tissue changes and inflammation. BPA FREE.
    Product #: 2150002901SH
    • 1 Face Cups
    • 1 Eye/Lip Cups
    • 1 Large Body Cup
    • 1 Small Body Cup

    • High Level Disinfection Required. (Bacteria, Mold, Spores, Virus and Trace Amounts of Blood). You can clean your cups with warm soapy water, but to disinfect your cups, Hydrogen Peroxide at 7.5 % Dilution for 30 minute soaking is recommended after cleaning. Household bleach does not provide high level disinfection. (Wear gloves to avoid contact with the hydrogen peroxide) Hydrogen Peroxide is cleared by the CDC as High Level Disinfectant and has shown to be safe for cupping products.