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    The MIC-KEY Low Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes with SECUR-LOK enable caretakers and in-home patients to deliver Enteral Nutrition to the stomach. The MIC-KEY Low Profile Feeding Tube features medical grade silicone construction and delivers optimal performance and value to users. They also include a conventional and low-profile design. The low-profile design makes it unobtrusive and easier to conceal. Its ventilated SECURE-LOK external retention ring provides optimal stoma health through enhanced air circulation around the stoma and also helps prevent migration of the tube itself. For a well-respected and widely used gastrostomy tube, the Avanos MIC-Key Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is a great choice. Kimberly Clark Ballard is a leader in the enteral feeding tube market. They offer a wide variety of high-quality and unique enteral feeding tubes. As the pioneer in the development of the first balloon retained tube designed for gastrostomy feeding, the MIC-KEY brand of enteral feeding tubes has become well recognized and accepted among health care professionals. All Mickey enteral feeding tubes are constructed of high clarity medical grade silicone and most feature the patented SECUR-LOK ring, the external retention mechanism designed to allow air to circulate around the stoma site for optimal stoma health. Kimberly Clark also manufactures a Mickey Bolus Gastrostomy Feed Tube for scheduled feedings, a Mickey Low Profile Tube for even less obtrusiveness, and Mic Key Tube Extension Sets.
    Product #: 201201440VM
    • 20 French Tube
    • 3.5 cm L Stoma
    • 5 ml Balloon
    • One Low-Profile Feeding Tube
    • One Extension Set With Secur-Lok Right Angle Connector
    • 2 Y Port and Clamp
    • One Bolus Extension Set With Cath Tip
    • Secur-Lok Straight Connector and Clamp
    • One 6 ml Syringe
    • One 35 ml Catheter Tip Syringe
    • Four Gauze Pads