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    MET Double Wall Pulley 25 lbs

    Intended Use Following surgery and medical procedures, rehabilitation and strength building are key steps in the recovery process. The MET Wall Pulley is designed to provide strength building in the upper body, shoulders, and arms for users of all strength levels. With fixed weights that can easily be adjusted, the device can be tailored to the user with a safe and easy to use experience. Whether working on one arm or the entire upper body, a single or dual handle option meets the specific needs of a user.
    Product #: 2405D25MFS


    • Designed to assist in the rehabilitation process by helping users build strength in a safe environment
    • With many workout possibilities, this device is versatile and tailors to the needs of any user
    • Fixed weights within the system reduces risks of accident or misuse associated with free weights
    • The MET Wall Pulley helps a user build strength in the chest, shoulders, arms, and upper body
    • Various weight options available in either a single or dual handle device makes for the perfect weight training system

    Safety During Workouts

    The MET Wall Pulley system eliminates the need for free weights during exercises and strength-building workouts. Unlike traditional devices, the weights are fixed in place and adjusted without moving them to promote a safe environment for the user. The fixed weights can easily be adjusted to higher or lower resistance. For a lighter exercise, simply adjust the device to a lower weight resistance. Providing focused and personalized workouts helps provide the best results to encourage quick and effective rehabilitation.

    Ordering Options

    Available in four different options, the MET Wall Pulley is customizable to fit any user needs during the recovery and rehabilitation process. With two maximum weight limits of the fixed weights, 25 lb. or 45lb., a user can start with a light workout and then progress to a heavier one. The device comes in either a single handle or dual handle pulley system that can be ordered based on the needs of the user. A single handle pulley focuses on a specific side, arm, or shoulder while the dual option covers the entire upper body.