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    MediTrac Cervical Traction Devices

    Meditrac produces 3D back and neck portable decompression devices in the market that can significantly accelerate recovery in back disorders such as disc herniation, Sciatica degenerative changes, Sport injury without fractures. Meditrac’s proprietary treatment concept, “Traction on the Move”, combines Meditrac devices with physical therapy program, to encourage patients to be physically active while receiving decompression to the spine.
    Product #: 2CCMT


    Unique combination of decompression and traction in motion restores confidence to return to physical activity


    Treatment sessions, averaging 15-30 minutes, enables also ton do the traction while conducting other modalities to speed recovery.

    TRACTION ON THE MOVE” unique treatment concept

    When your spine is in motion fluid transfer and increased blood supply occurs, making traction significantly more effective

    Patients wearing the device can stand, sit, walk and move freely during treatment


    3D traction portable devices that work simultaneously to bring pain relief and reduced the pressure on the nerve root.


    Specifically fitted to the shape and condition of your back

    Each product comes with a carry bag!!

    Universally-sized to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes!!


    Cervico2000 is an advanced traction solution for the treatment of acute and chronic neck pain. It combines the benefits of Meditrac’s dynamic 3D traction therapy with the freedom of movement to deliver neck pain relief.

    Cervico 2000 extends beyond pain relief to target the actual cause of the pain. In effect it stimulates healing by performing both symmetric and asymmetric traction to the cervical spine on each side independently. As a result the treatment reduces the pain caused by acute injuries including herniated discs, torticollis and whiplash injury due to car accident.

    Only after the patient and medical professional have become comfortable & guided the patient with the unit and treatment plan should the patient be able to take the unit home for personal use in order to continue his rehabilitation program especially during Pandemic.

    Movement during the 15 minutes traction daily session is crucial for recovery as research shows that fluid exchange is vital for the damaged tissues. Both of these conditions occur only when the spine is in motion. In other words,

    The Cervico2000 ‘Traction on the Move’ solution treats the cause of you neck pain, not just the symptoms.

    Cervico2000 enables application of distraction force directly to the cervical spine alongside the cervical lordosis while retaining patient mobility

    The Advantages of the CerVico2000

    Traction on the Move concept

    Compact, Customizable& Cost-effective.

     Vertical, Horizontal and Asymmetrical.

    Complete Freedom of Movement.

    Drug Free Pain Relief.

    Each device comes with a convenient travel bag that facilitates travel and storage!!

    Universally-sized to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes!

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