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    Med TimerTM w/Bluetooth & AC Adapter

    KE MEd Timer automatic pill dispenser is an excellent product to help people take medication properly and on time. It's simple to use, easy to set up and has a tamper proof metal locking system which helps reduce over dosing. Slide door to access pills. beeps and human voice as well as 4 blinking lights remind user to take pills on time.
    Product #: 229075KE

    The 28 compartments can hold up to 35 aspirin size pills. Allows for up to 4 weeks use if used once a day' 2 weeks use if used twice a day and 1 weeks use if used 4 times per day. Can be set on a daily or weekly schedule.

    Bluetooth (4.2) connectivity supports (Android 4.4 or Iphone 8.0)

    Size: 8.8" w X 2.36" H (224mm X 60mm)

    Weight: 1.32 lbs.

    Includes A/C adapter, batteries, key and instruction booklet.

    Please keep medicines out of reach of children.