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    Maximo II Cooling Vest

    Cooling Vest help to regulate body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable. The Maximo CoolVest is constructed to accommodate a wider range of body shapes and weights. There are no side seams or panels on this design. The wide, tapered flaps at each side velcro to the front to form the sides of this garment. Comes with CoolPaks. Extra set of CoolPaks can be purchased.

    Cooling Vest has elastic side panels that connect the front of the vest to the back. This means a more secure fit when it comes to body movements. This style is recommended for recreational, leisure, and workplace use.


    • Moisture management
    • Antimicrobial
    • Super lightweight
    • Breathable
    • Lifetime performance
    • High-tech aesthetic
    • Made in the USA
    • The Maximo Original comes with CoolPaks.  Extra set of CoolPaks can be purchased.
    • In low-humid environments, you can expect a maximum of 4 hours of cooling. However, if high-humidity can cut cooling time by as much as 2 hours.
      • Recommend second set of CoolPaks to extend the cooling time or to have a backup ready when needed.


    Activate CoolPaks in warm water (only once) and insert frozen technology into the interior waterproof pockets. Unlike other coolants, our CoolPaks are segmented to allow body movements. They are FDA Approved, food-safe, long-lasting, and provide a second-to-none cooling experience.

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