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    Mattress Cover With Perimeter Bolsters


    The standard Mattress Cover with Peremiter Bolsters slips over the existing mattress. The cover has four wedge-shaped foam sections which line the side perimeters of the mattress, helping to prevent accidental falls from the bed. The bolsters are sewn into the mattress cover (Though we could make a version with bolsters that detach as a special order). The patient may enter and exit the bed through the mid-section openings. The cover is fluid-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, self-deodorizing, and stain resistant.

    • Each foam bolster is 8” high x 8" wide and 32.5" Long
    • Cover has 2” webbing with buckles and elastic to secure it to the beds mattress.
    • Fits mattresses 36” W x 80” L.