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    Marpac Tracheostomy Collar - Universal, Box of 10

    Marpac Tracheostomy Trach Collar with Velcro Adjustment. Fits adults up to neck size 19". Box of 10 collars. The Tracheostomy Collar is used to secure the Tracheostomy tube in place. It comes in sizes to fit or in a one-size-fits all model. It is composed of a soft foam laminated strap with Velcro adjustments
    Product #: 2204DMP

    MARPAC'S Tracheostomy Collar holds the tracheostomy tube in place, providing comfort and security. Each Collar is composed of a soft, white, breathable neck band and is sewn to two pieces of soft white twill ribbon which are attached to Velcro type adjustment tabs. They are made in several sizes to be comfortable and easy to apply to all neck diameters or in the Universal configuration. The Tracheostomy Collar is designed for single use and packaged individually. The 200 Series Collar is distributed in dispensing boxes of 10 Collars. MARPAC Tracheostomy Collars are hand made in the USA of the highest quality materials and each Collar is inspected before final packaging to insure that their appearance and function is of utmost quality. Patients appreciate the MARPAC Tracheostomy Collar for its comfort and ease of use. The neck band is made of a soft compliant foam laminate with finished edges which allows the skin to breath and accommodates coughing even with a snug fit. MARPAC provides both the 200, Universal Series Tracheostomy Collars and our 100 series Collars which are made in sizes to fit people comfortably. The 200 series allows unlimited adjustment. The soft twill ribbon between the neck band and the Velcro-type-hook completely fills the tracheostomy tube slots and removes the Velcro from the area around the sponge. This prevents the irritating sliding motion between the tracheostomy tube and the neck band; it prevents the adherent hook from tangling in the sponge; and, helps prevent the neck band from becoming soiled. The Velcro type hook tab is tapered, wider than most, and long enough to ensure easy threading and secure attachment. MARPAC Collars contain no latex

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