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    Magnetic Button Adapters

    Strong magnetic buttons provide a simple, no-sew solution to help overcome dressing challenges and enable users to dress independently.
    Product #: 27892WS

    Magnetic Button Adaptors come with a second magnet that increases the holding force to make sure the buttons stay firmly in place. Users can easily convert their shirts simply by clipping one part over the shirt button, like a tupperware lid. Then, connect the 2 pieces through the buttonhole.


    • Includes: Each set contains 9 sets of magnetic buttons. (The average shirt has 9 buttons; 7 in front and 2 cuffs.)
    • Fit: Traditional buttons, average button size is a little less than ½ inch in diameter.
    • Care: Machine washable and dryer resistant. The manufacturer recommends washing in a mesh laundry bag and line dry.
    • Made in: USA.
    • Caution: Do not use if you have a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator.
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