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    MAC Plus Back Brace

    Mesh fabric design for breathability. Removable panel in the rear for rigidity. Perfectly suited for low back pain, strains and sprains. Flexible mesh material corset and panel contour to your build
    Ergonomic panel and brace come pre-assembled, shortening fitting time for patient and therapist. Panel offers support beyond code requirement. Custom designed lightweight mesh over soft wicking liner material allows unmatched breathability and comfort. Patented Flexible Pulley system provides compression power for effective support over entire brace and panel. Patient controls support level with one hand adjustment. Thin profile, easily concealed. Ergonomic shape and lightweight, easy to wear. White only. Latex free.   MAC Plus back brace provides effect support with a tall height rear panel for greater protection and restriction of lumbar movement. The product features a comfortable mesh fabric corset attached to a flexible pulley system in the rear with a 3:1 mechanical advantage. The Cybertech MAC Plus comes standard with a removable posterior panel that averages 14 - 16" in height. It can be removed for use as a standard corset if desired. Patients appreciate the product's ability to contour to the shape of the lower back and the pulley's ease of use design. The brace comes in five sizes, and can be used for herniated discs, low back pain, degenerative disc disease, and much more.

    Cybertech MAC Plus Back Brace:

    • Flexible pulley system in the rear curves to the patient's natural lordosis curvature in their low back..MAC Plus utilizes triple woven nylon (parachute cord) in the pulley system as opposed to smaller, less durable shoestring cord.
    • The posterior panel is easy to remove and measure 14" - 16" depending on the size of brace.
    • The mechanical advantage pulley system is guaranteed for the life of the back support brace.
    • It can be replaced free of charge by the manufacturer.
    • Pulley system provides a 3:1 mechanical advantage for easy tightening.
    • The patient can adjust the lower back support with one hand in one second while standing, sitting, walking or driving.
    • Single front fabric fastener makes the brace easy to put on or take off.
    • Made out of breathable nylon mesh and a moisture-wicking material to maximize air-flow.
    • Low-profile version is the same brace in black and its just slightly narrower in the front.

    Available Colors: White, Low-Profile Black

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