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The M-Brace M-Spine LSO is indicated for support from the sacrum to the T-9 level, and post-op following stabilizing surgery, and lumbar disk surgery. It can also be used for degenerative pathologies such as osteopororsis, lumbo-sarcal vertebrae complaint, protrusions, and arthosis, as well as muscular pathologies such as muscular contractures. It includes a covered thermoplastic lumbar panel, abdominal thermoplastic panel, and 2 lateral panels. The M-Spine supports the patient at all stages of recovery. Moldable panels are to be applied pot-op without delay, and kept in place throughout the entire rehabilitation phase.The addition of lateral panels makes the brace indicated for the treatment of burst fractures. The corset acts as a corrective measure, and as a support to postural defects. Front panel is 8" high and back panel is 13" high.

M-Brace Clavicle Support

Passive support to the dorsal muscles Keeps the column erect preventing internal rotation of shoulders Diminishes excessive tension on the cervical muscles Perfect for posture control, it reduces upper back stress Lightweight and breathable materials Washable Low profile, can be worn under clothing

M-Brace 584 M-Spine Low Profile

The M-Spine consists of 3 separate pieces: A corset fitted with eight (8) flexible steel stays, a covered lumbar thermoplastic panel and an abdominal thermoplastic panel.

M-Brace Air Wrist Splint

INDICATIONS: • Traumatic pathologies: distortions, carpal/metacarpal fractures, tendonitis. • Degenerative pathologies: root arthrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis. • Rehab phase: offers a good post-trauma and post-op support. • Available in left or right, Regular or Extra.

M-Brace® #572 Lumblock

This LumbLock Lumbar-Sacral Brace acts as an immobilizing device for the lumbar-sacral region and itsʼ primary function is to reduce pain caused by lumbago, sciatica and ischialgia. Made with semi-rigid cotton fabric, it enjoys a structure made with eight selfmodeling and flexible steel stays on which a number of rigid straps slide. When the locking system is pulled and secured at the front, the inside straps stiffen the entire structure, thus effectively immobilizing the lumbar-sacral region. Practical and easy to wear, this LumbLock brace perfectly adapts to whatever size and body type, thus ensuring maximum support and comfort at the desired tension.

M-Brace VEGA Patella Stabilizer (40)

Knee brace for both right and left knees providing optimal support and protection following muscle, joint or tendon injuries in the region of the patella. Constructed exclusively from breathable hypoallergenic fabrics (neoprene-free), the area which comes into contact with the skin is made of soft 100% cotton. An exclusive handy locking system allows the required pressure to be varied in three different areas. Featuring two unique C-shaped pressure pads which, when brought together as the brace is secured, surround and stabilize the patella. 2 low profile 2 mm super light rods, to keep the brace in place 2 replacement super light rods (for product 40 only) 2 multi-centric molded aluminum hinges (LATERAL and MEDIAL, product 41 only) for improved lateral support in cases of patella related pathologies associated with minor instability of medial and/or lateral collateral ligaments

Mercurio Ankle Brace

Mercurio Ankle Brace

M-Brace Wrist Wrap

Used for light traumas and minor injuries of the wrist, or for post-trauma rehab and prevention during sports, this wrist support has swiftly-adjustable compression. Hypoallergenic, breathable, 100% cotton on the skin. Neoprene and latex free.

M-Brace Jumpers Knee Brace

Highest quality cotton velour Jumpers knee brace available.  Interlocking strap design for adjustable, dependable compression. High density foam buttress absorbs stress on the knee. Stays in place during athletic use. A physician and athlete favorite.

Vega Plus Patella Stabilizer (#41)

INDICATIONS • Traumatic pathologies: instability of the patella, sub-dislocations of the patella, femur-patella arthrosis, fractures of the patella, post op (associated pathologies, patella + minor instability of collateral ligaments; MCL and LCL – product 41 only) • Rehabilitation phase: provides passive support during rehabilitation, provides protection during sporting activities.

OA Knee Brace – #46

Use this knee brace for the following indications: • Mild to moderate medial compartment OA without instability. • Meniscus procedures. • Chondral defect procedures. • Moderate lateral compartment OA without instability; it is possible to reduce the load on the lateral compartment by using a “right” brace on a left leg or a “left” brace on a right leg. • Available in left or right.