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    Leg Lift

    The Leg Lift is a simple and practical leg lifting aid useful for people with limited lower extremity strength.
    • Ideal for wheelchair users, bariatric patients or individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and spinal injuries.

    • Enables the individual to lift the foot onto a wheelchair foot rest, bed or into a car.

    • Features two looped handles on each end; one for the wrist and one for the foot or cast.

    • Total length is 35¨ (89 cm), with 18” (46 cm) of rigid plastic between each 8.5” looped handle.

    • Made of high-strength blue nylon webbing measuring 1¨ wide (2.5 cm).
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    Lightweight Utensils

    Light Weight Utensils is perfect for individuals with limited hand control or grasp such as arthritis, hand tremors, Parkinson's, or dexterity issues. The built-up plastic handle helps provide more control for those with limited hand mobility.

    Carex Textured Steel Wall Grab Bar

    Textured chrome grab bar provides added security within the bathroom.

    Plastic Urinal: Male, with Lid, each

    The Premium Plastic Urinal is a transparent male urine collection container. Made of Polyethylene, the plastic material is known to be safe as mentioned on California Prop 65. The BPA free plastic also helps by not contaminating the contents it holds. If your purpose of urine collection is to sample, that is to test, then the chemical integrity is a benefit for you. As chemically altered samples will be contaminated.

    Carex Hand-Held Shower Spray With Diverter Valve

    **FSS Contract** Features an included diverter valve, a convenient on/off valve and 80" long nylon reinforced hose.