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    Kyphotic Back Supports with Back Support Lamination and Lateral Wedges **Measurements are required with order

    The Kyphotic Back Supports are always made to be resident specific. Each KYPHOTIC BACK comes with a set of LATERAL WEDGES which velcro on and can be removed or repositioned. These devices are manufactured with an area cut out to accommodate the bony protuberance of the resident’s Kyphotic spine. These devices have a solid insert, cushioned by the layering of various grades of HR and Visco polyurethane foams. These combinations provide support, pressure-redistribution, shockabsorbing, and body-molding properties along the entire affected spinal region. Used in conjunction with a reclined drop seat and the proper seating cushion, the Kypho-Back works well for those individuals who “C” shape forward in a wheelchair.

    Measurement Instructions for Kypho Back Supports:

    With the patient seated upright, fill in the following (It's best if measurements are taken with a yard stick):

        • 1._______ Determinte the distance from the seating surface to start of Kyphosis, then add two (2) inches to this measurement
        • 2._______ Distance from start of Kyphosis to top of Kyphosis (Measurement is as show in the brackets above, not following the curve of the spine.)
        • 3._______ Width of Kyphosis (See Note A below.)
        • 4._______ Size of wheelchair

    Note A:  To allow sufficient space for the lateral wedges: *If the wheelchair is 18” wide, the maximum measurement of #3 (above) may be 10 inches. *If the wheelchair is 16” wide, the maximum measurement of #3 (above) may be 8 inches.
    Note B:   In order to add a headrest to the Kyphotic Back Support, please measure from the seating surface to the top of the patient’s head; then add two (2) inches