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    Knit-Rite Soft Sock with Coolmax is a prosthetic sock capable of wicking perspiration away from your skin, while also reducing internal socket temperatures by a degree or two. A common symptom of insufficient sock ply count is low back discomfort. Experimenting with either a lightweight or 3 ply sock helps determine the appropriate amount of ply needed to raise your residual limb out of the socket and level your hips. Wearing a prosthesis with too little sock ply creates an correctable temporary leg length discrepancy.

    Knitted with Coolmax extreme fibers this version of Knit Rite Soft Sock helps you to stay drier and more comfortable. Coolmax is a product of Dupont that can be blended with a variety of other fibers such as polyester to achieve different results. What makes the Soft Sock with Coolmax so unique is that its coolmax fibers aren’t round but rather oval in shape when viewed cross sectionally.  When a Soft Sock is knitted, Knit Rite adds channels lengthwise along the coolmax thread. This style of sock manufacturing provides the ability for moisture to travel through these channels away from the skin to the top of the Soft Sock. As a prosthetic wearer, this sweat can’t evaporate once on the surface, which means you have to change out your Soft Sock for a dry one periodically to stay and feel dry.

    Knit-Rite Soft Sock with Coolmax prosthetic sock feels soft and huggable when worn against your skin and will keep you cooler in the summer and insulate your limb in extreme cold winter. Knit Rite added just enough Lycra so the Soft Sock fits well and can accommodate many unique residual limb shapes. The Coolmax fibers inside the Soft Sock is what makes this prosthetic sock feel so soft and provides its durability.

    Knit-Rite has been making prosthetic socks since the early 1920s and they know how to make a sock with longevity. The fine knit sock construction is of the highest quality in the prosthetic industry and can hold up to the most active people. If you wear a prosthetic liner with a locking pin the Soft-Sock Coolmax is available with a sewn hole-in-toe option.


    When measuring your residual limb for a Knit Rite Soft Sock makes sure to use a flexible Tailor’s measuring tape.  Circumferential measurements should not be taken too snug or loose and hold the tape measure horizontal and not on an angle relative to the end of your limb.  Granted the bottom measurement is the most difficult to measure and should be double checked before referring to Knit-Rite’s Sizing Chart Guide above. The length measurement is a matter of preference.  However, for below-the-knee amputees, 2-3 inches past the middle of the knee cap from the bottom is textbook standard. Above-the-knee length is completely up to you, however some people prefer a prosthetic sock long enough to reflect over the top of their sockets.

    Below-the-Knee: Measure the circumference around the middle of your knee cap and 2 inches up from the bottom of your residual limb.

    Above-the-Knee: Measure your circumference around the top along your groin area and 2 inches up from the bottom of your residual limb.

    • Soft Sock with Coolmax is available with a bottom hole-in-the toe for locking liners
    • Prosthetic sock bunching and sliding down is minimized with Knit Rite's non-roll cuff along the top of their soft sock
    • Brushed interior makes this prosthetic sock feel extra soft
    • Soft Sock dries fast and durable thanks to Coolmax fibers
    • Patented seamless 3D rounded toe for an improved fit without the excess “tent” formation along the bottom as with other sock brands
    • Coolmax Extreme textile helps transport perspiration away from your skin to the outside of the sock and regulate temperature
    • Each Soft Sock prosthetic sock is color coded at the top depending on the prosthetic sock ply thickness
    • Soft Sock with coolmax fibers are resistant to shrinkage
    • Available in Lightweight, 3 Ply and 5 Ply thicknesses
    • Made in the USA
    • Sold each in sealed polybag


    95.6% Coolmax Extreme 4.4% Lycra


    When applying your Knit Rite Soft Sock with Coolmax pay special attention to avoid pulling the sock to thin along the bottom end of your residual limb.  Typically the greatest sock ply thickness is needed along the bottom. When a prosthetic sock is pulled-on vs layed-on, amputees run the risk of turning a 5 ply sock into a 3 ply sock.

    Wash your Knit-Rite Soft-Socks every day right side out. Machine wash with all purpose detergent similar to Medi-Care Wash, non-chlorine bleach only when needed Rinse thoroughly and pull taut, toe to top. No liquid softeners. Last tumble dry, low heat.


    Wear a clean soft sock prosthetic sock every day for proper residual limb care. Make sure to have a large enough prosthetic sock supply to keep your socks in rotation and prevent packing down of the soft sock’s fibers.

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