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    Knee Wedge for Heel Decub and Foot Drop *CUSTOM ORDER

    Product #: 2CUSTOM1310JDM

    Often the resident’s leg will extend out, but the heel has decubs. It may be necessary to float the heel. If the resident has heel decub(s) and will range out.

    This is the knee wedge designed to "float" the heel. If you do NOT need to float the heel then look for item 1301 instead. This item is the same as item# 1301 but with the addition of the heel float

    The Knee Wedge for Extended Range and Heel Decub is laminated with soft Visco elastic for pressure redistribution. The wedge is fully covered with medical-grade fabric and covered with a removable padding. Smaller knee wedges are utilized most often when one of the lower extremities is contracting at 90 degrees or greater.
    Custom measurements are required. This is a resident-specific device. There is no "standard" version. Please call JDM for help measuring and ordering this product.

    Measurement Instructions

    All measurements are to be taken in inches with the patient lying in the supine position. It's best if measurements are taken with a yard stick.

    • A. Measure from behind the knee (Popliteal) straight down to the surface of the mattress.
    • B. Measure from behind the knee (Popliteal) to the heel. Do not measure the curve of the patients calf.
    • C. Place the ruler flat on the mattress surface and measure from the heel to where the thigh or buttocks first meets the bed
    • D.While holding the heel off the bed in the position needed to float the heel, measure the distance between the heel and bed. This would be the thickness of foam needed to "float" the wound.
    Please Indicate Measurements before ordering:

    Before ordering you will need to have measurements for A, B, C & D and also we will need to know on which leg side the device is to be used.