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One Piece Commode Sling, Medium, YELLOW

Features Easy patient position adjustment Aperture for toileting without removing sling

Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand Lift

Versatile active lift with a small footprint allowing navigation in tight places like bathrooms, and a unique feature set to include a long lifting range. The unique Journey lift is an ultra compact, portable folding stand aid with best-in-class functionality. It is compact and lightweight allowing caregivers to maneuver in tight spaces while folding for easy storage or transportation. The first on the market adjustable sling attachment cradle mechanism supports a range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your facility to have one lift that meets the needs of many. Our careful attention to product design with the Journey ensures that both the caregiver’s and the resident’s needs have been met. No-tools folding design allows for compact storage and transport Smart Monitor technology drives user compliance and lift longevity Adjustable cradle accommodates residents in a wide variety of heights Intuitive Push Pad assists with initiating movement Adjustable kneepad with infinite settings

Hoyer Padded Quickfit

This Padded Quickfit by Hoyer is a comfortable transfer aid that is designed to be used in combination with transfer lifts. This product is an easy to fit, general purpose sling that designed to suit 85% of residents. All slings are designed to support up to 850 lbs., and feature a slim, lightweight design that always for easy transportation and storage purposes when not in use. This universal style is excellent to be used for bed to chair transfers, chair to commode transfers and floor pick-ups. These lifts are excellent for personal and professional transfer assistants, and sizing is determined by weight.

Hoyer Advance Portable Folding Patient Lift: Electric

Great transfer range and a tools-free, folding design for easy transport and compact storage. Safe working load 340 lb. Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts

Hoyer® Loop Style Sling, QuickFit Deluxe Mesh

Easy to Use the Joerns Mesh Sling provides for needs of basic transfer including amputee, bathing, and hygiene needs. Hoyer slings are designed to be effective, yet comfortable without compromise to resident safety. Hoyer slings are tested to the highest global standards, EN ISO 10535, and are CE marked.

Full Back Flat Sling- Padded LARGE Green

Contoured sling with integrated head support and leg padding offers greater comfort and negates the need for side suspender 500 lbs. Weight Capacity


The evolutionary UltraCare XT is one bed with the ability to adapt to many resident care environments. Through a remarkable combination of performance, function and style, the UltraCare XT can be easily transformed to fit any configuration or room style. Upgrade to suit your facility’s needs. Choose options such as SafeLight, UltraLock and UltraWide or experience other great features to customize your UltraCare XT bed.

Joerns Ultralocks (2)

Two UltraLocks - Available at foot and head ends, provides roll at any height functionality, and three-point locking.

Bed Grab Bar

For UltraCare® XT and EasyCare® 5, 7 and 9 bed Deluxe Assist Bar

Joerns Drainage Bag Holder

The Joerns Drainage Bag Holder (#N516) is an attachment accessory for holding fluid collection bags, such as urine collection. This bag holder adds 0.85 lb of weight to the bed.

Classical Laminate Bed Panel Set,​ 35" with Basic Staff Control

Laminate panel set - traditional style - quartered oak finish

Joerns UltraCare XT 4" Extension Kit

The UltraWide Kit, made especially for the new UltraCare XT®, helps you deliver flexible care solutions and eliminate specialty bed rentals. One great feature provides additional safety and comfort.

Linak Battery Pack for hoyer lift

Hoyer Replacement Battery is to be used with Hoyer Power Lifts and Stand Up Lifts. It is recommended to keep these lead-acid batteries charging when not in use and to not fully deplete them between charges. The chart shows an estimated number of battery cycles based on how heavily they are used between charges. Hoyer Lift Battery Replacement light use and frequent charging will give around 1200 cycles, while heavy use will give less.

Hoyer Loop Style Sling, Mesh

Hoyer Professional Slings are designed to be used exclusively with Hoyer Lifts. Hoyer Professional Slings are designed to work with the 6 point spreader bar. Choosing the right sling for the task promotes both caregiver and patient safety.