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    Jobst Relax Arm Sleeve (Night Garment)

    With a slim-line, flexible and lightweight design, Jobst® Relax offers an alternative to traditional night-time compression solutions such as compression bandaging and is an exciting new garment choice for those looking for something to better suit their lifestyle. This custom garment requires a completed order form to be submitted with an order. Please contact us with questions or assistance in completing the form.

    Jobst Relax Sleeves Overview

    The Jobst Relax Night Garment Arm Sleeve is a complementary compression garment for nighttime lymphedema management. Designed as a way to control edema and fluid accumulation, this garment helps relieve pain and minimizes sleep disturbance. It has a breathable, flat knit, cushioned fabric that helps to manage heat and provide optimal comfort. The textured compression therapy arm sleeve gently massages the skin to promote lymph flow. The Jobst Relax Arm With Gauntlet has a wraparound hand feature that stabilizes the sleeve and provides compression to the hand. There is also a version without the gauntlet for more freedom of movement and no compression on the hand.

    Features and Benefits

    • Textured Surface Micro-Massages the Skin to Promote Lymph Flow
    • Designed for Nighttime Lymphedema Management
    • Reduces Pain Caused by Swelling and Promotes Better Sleep
    • Breathable Yarn Combination With Monofilaments Manages Heat Generation
    • Flat Knit Design Provides Extra Cushioning for Enhanced Comfort
    • Dons Quickly and Easily Compared to Compression Bandages
    • Available With or Without a Gauntlet
    • Flexible Material Provides Free Range of Motion During Sleep

    Indications for Use

    • Lymphedema
    • Heavy and swollen arms
    • Night compression
    • Lipedema


    • Deep vein thrombosis
    • Arterial insufficiency
    • Untreated cancer
    • Untreated septic phlebitis
    • Untreated/decompensated congestive heart
    • Very deep vein folds
    • Phlegmasia coerulea dolens
    • Absent or severely impaired sensation, severe peripheral neuropathy
    • Known sensitivity to any of the product components
    • The product with a zipper is not indicated for overweight patients with fragile skin or health problems affecting blood supply that make skin more fragile or cause movement problems
    • Open wounds that are not covered with an appropriate dressing

    Proven Performance

    In 2018, Bertsch did a longitudinal observational study of Jobst Relax with 91 participants. Patients who wore the garment frequently reported a high level of comfort and satisfaction, saying that the Jobst Relax garments are easy to use, comfortable, and helpful.

    Once the study was concluded, the research found:

    • 94% of patients were satisfied with the product.
    • 75% of patients reported that the nighttime compression sleeve helped manage their edema.
    • 76.9% of patients experienced no itching and 85.7% experienced no pressure marks.

    This custom garment requires a completed order form to be submitted with an order. Please contact us with questions or assistance in completing the form.