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The Perfect Wedge Cushion

Gel Foam Coccyx Scoop Contoured Cushion: WEDGE CONTOURED SHAPE! Coccyx Scoop Design Anti-Hammock convex-shaped foam bottom Shape eliminates the need for solid bottom insert Quadra-gel Layer Gel-Infused Visco Foam Medial Thigh Separator Anti-skid bottom & 2 Secure Velcro Straps

Adjustable Strap Wheelchair Back

These adjustable straps working in conjunction with the pressure redistributing, body molding pads make this back an excellent positioning device for rounded shoulders, slight Kyphosis, Scoliosis and overall comfort *Does not include wheelchair.  Replaces standard W/C back

Lateral Support for Geri Chair

Geri Chair Lateral Supports have a solid insert behind two inches of high resiliency foam to prevent those residents who have severe lateral leaning problems from falling or climbing out of the Geri Chair. ** GERI CHAIR NOT INCLUDED

Geri Chair Foot Box

The Geri Chair Foot Box is a padded device which positions a patient’s legs on a Geri-Chair leg rest. The Foot Box prevents the patient’s legs from sliding off to the side.  ** GERI CHAIR NOT INCLUDED

Slip On Geri Chair Arm Bolsters

Slip-On Arm Bolsters are designed to cover Geri Chair arms in order to help protect the skin integrity of the resident. The Slip-On Bolsters cushion and help prevent bruises and skin breakdown common to the upper extremities.  ** GERI CHAIR NOT INCLUDED

Geri Chair Positioning Kit

The Custom Support kit is meant to provide custom cushioning for a Geri Chair  **GeriChair NOT included.  Please note the Geri Chair Support Kit is different item.

Custom Geri Chair Support Kit

The Custom Support kit is meant to provide custom cushioning for a Geri Chair  **GeriChair NOT included.  Please contact Customer service for custom ordering instructions. Please note the Geri Chair Positioning Kit is different item.

Custom Reclining Back Wheelchair Positioning Kit

Excellent replacement for Geri chairs. It supports laterally, cushions and protects.  **Wheelchair NOT included.  Contact Customer service for required measurements.  Price is base price and can increase with customization.

Hemi Wheelchair Support Cushioning Kit

Designed to take a Hemi or Super Hemi height wheelchair and convert it into an excellent positioning and seating device that allows “foot propellers” to retain their mobility!

Solid-Insert Amputee Cushion

Solid-Insert Amputee Cushion

The Perfect Flat Cushion

Gel-Foam Coccyx Scoops have anti-hammocking, anti-skid bottoms to eliminate the “slingseat sag,” while providing a stable base of support. They have contoured two-leg channeled medial thigh separators to promote proper leg alignment and reduce hip rotation. Coccyx Scoops assist in redistributing and off-loading sacral and coccyx pressure.