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    Infrared Gloves Liners 401 Grip – Raynaud’s and Arthritis Support, Large, Black

    These Infrared Gloves Liners 401 series (just grip, no touchscreen) help stimulate blood circulation to minimize inflammation and relieve arthritic pain and Raynaud’s syndrome cold hands. Made from a soft, flexible and breathable infrared fabric, the gloves create a perfect balance of comfort and snug feel to keep hands warm and dry. A versatile year-round accessory that will improve strength, accelerate recovery and prevent unpleasant symptoms. Sold in pairs.
    Product #: 236654018VT


    Infrared Gloves Liners Temporarily Promote Increased Local Blood Flow at the Site of Application in Healthy Individuals

    Infrared Gloves Liners are made from an innovative far infrared emitting fibers and bio-ceramic technology. The gloves are meant to interact with our own body energy/heat through a simple process. The far infrared (FIR) fibres absorb the heat emitted by the human body and re-emit this absorbed radiation as safe far infrared (FIR) waves, which interact with the human body, stimulating its natural healing processes.

    Our Infrared Gloves [full finger style] offer a maximum coverage for wrist, hand and finger joints ideal to keep your hands warm by optimizing blood flow and relieving the negative symptoms from cold hands, arthritis, carpal tunnel, injuries or aging.

    Infrared Celliant® patented technology features proprietary bio-ceramics/minerals infused into the fabric that is proven to increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow. The increased circulation nourishes the cells with higher levels of oxygen – further promoting cell health. Enhanced cell function means injuries heal quicker, pain subsides fasters and stamina and endurance are amplified.
    The streamlined design, combined with 4-way stretch fabric, provides you with the ultimate range of motion and comfort you need for your hands. Silicone palm provides you with an enhanced and secure grip, safe for driving or extra grip in various occasions.


    Infrared gloves full-fingered are recommended for Raynaud’s sufferers, cold hands, rheumatoid arthritis. They are also beneficial for people with diabetes, carpal tunnel as a non-splint option, repetitive motion injury, poor circulation, aging or anyone who prefers a lightweight glove featuring far infrared fabric. Great for physical activity/running, hiking, walking, exercise in mild weather or daily routine.

    The gloves are thin enough to be used as a liner in cold/wet weather and effective enough to be used on their own in mild days or indoors as a “treatment”.


    • Increased blood circulation
    • Temperature regulation
    • Alleviate pain and stiffness
    • Reduced muscle tension
    • Increased strength/mobility
    • Stimulate healing processes in hands


    • Slim and comfortable design
    • 4-way stretch allows skin to breathe
    • Extended cuff to protect the wrist
    • Moisture wicking for enhanced comfort
    • Silicone microdots palm for a secure grip
    • Soft knit fabric IR responsive
    To find the best fit of your Infrared Gloves measure from the point of the wrist to the end of the middle finger. This measurement is your “hand length” glove size.

    All sizes are unisex
    Large19 cm7.50″
    Our gloves are made from a fabric tested for its infrared properties. The fabric is gentle brushed on the inside to deliver ultimate softness and warmth.
    A unique combination of: Celliant®, Polyester, Spandex.
    • No coated or treated fibers content, so the minerals never wash out
    • Moisture management by transfer moisture away from the skin
    • No adverse effects as the fabric works directly with the body

    The FDA has determined Celliant® to be a medical device and general wellness product. Celliant® fibers have been clinically proven to increase tissue oxygen levels. In gloves, this results in increased warming and temperature regulation of the hand.

    • Wash at 86F
    • Do not tumble dry
    These Infrared Gloves for Raynaud’s and Arthritis [401 Grip] are thin enough to be worn as liners under regular winter gloves (we recommend under mittens) and thick enough to be worn on their own in mild weather or indoors as a “treatment” for a hand condition.