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    Hemi Shoulder Sling

    Hemi Shoulder Sling uses a unique shoulder saddle that transfers arm weight to scapula to maintain constant depression of the scapula combined with a fully adjustable elastic cuff to elevate the humerus and reduce subluxation.

    The three-point adjustable fixation straps mimic the role of the deltoid muscles to maintain the integrity of the shoulder joint while allowing for proper force registration as rehabilitation continues.

    Unlike conventional slings that immobilize or limit motion, which may result in contracture, this lightweight sling allows full ROM of the arm while still maintaining stability and distraction. Sling can be worn over or under clothing.

    • Shoulder saddle serves as a secure anchor point
    • Distraction straps adjust up or down and can control rotation
    • Cuff is lined with cool, open-cell polyurethane
    • Full joint mobility
    • Elastic panel accommodates muscle volume changes
    • Biceps-triceps belly band locks cuff in place

    Sizing: Measure arm circumference at widest point of bicep. Round up if between sizes.

    • X-Small fits 9" circumference
    • Small fits 11" circumference
    • Medium fits 13" circumference
    • Large fits 15" circumference
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