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Smart-Rail for Box Spring & Mattress Beds with Built in Extenders

Installs in seconds. Provides standing and transferring support. Unique safety latch design. Unlocks and pivot outwards to provide better standing support. Grey rubber cane tips prevent slipping and protect floor.

P.T. Offset Rail, 32"

A strong, sturdy and durable support rail that is built to last in both the home and commercial bathroom.

Advantage Rail

Our Advantage Rail provides vertical and horizontal support for added safety to your home. A unique safety rail that accommodates multiple hand positions, the Advantage Rail is the ideal bar for getting on and off the toilet, or anywhere else where a transfer from sitting to standing is required. The floor-mounted Advantage Rail features our innovative “Pivot and Lock” technology for improved versatility and is easily installed in your bathroom, your bedroom, or wherever you need free-standing support. With two solutions available—standard and heavy duty—you are offered centralized support that moves with you, getting you wherever you need to go.

Offset P.T Rail, 28"

The perfect toilet safety rail to provide support and comfort during transitional movements. Unlike other bathroom safety rails, the PT Rail is designed with an innovative offset rail to avoid wrist strain when user is sitting down or pulling up from a seated position. The PT Rail is also easily stored, simply lift the rail until it is flush against the bathroom walls. The toilet safety rail also features strong compression hinges to keep the rail from falling, giving user support and security even when the rail is halfway up.

Easy MountTM Grab Bar, White, 1.25" x 32"

Beautifully designed Easy Mount Grab Bars can be installed virtually anywhere in the home to provide support Grab bars are the first step in creating a safer bathroom environment Easy Mount 9 Hole Flange Unlike 3 hole flanges that limit screw placement, innovative 9-hole Easy Mount flange design allows for greater mounting flexibility to structural studs

SuperPole Ceiling Plate Extender

Allows standard ceiling plate 20” length to span 30” with holes for ceiling attachment to 24” ceiling beam centers.

Ceiling Mounted Trapeze

For those who need help sitting up in bed but don’t have the room or need for a SuperPole, there’s the e2 Ceiling Mounted Trapeze. Like the SuperTrapeze, it assists you in moving from a lying position to a seated position in bed by using a two offset ladder rung system. However, instead of attaching to the SuperPole, the e2 Trapeze hangs from a ceiling mounted grab bar. This means it can easily be slid to one side of the bed or removed and stored out of the way when not in use.

SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ System

SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ System The SuperBar™ is a horizontal pivoting and locking bar that mounts to the SuperPole™, suitable for clients who require moderate assistance to achieve small steps during transfers.