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PhysioMax Total Body Trainer

Perfect for commercial, medical, rehabilitation or home applications and featuring patent pending “independent action”, the PhysioMax Independent Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometer and Recumbent Bike All-in-One Total Body Trainer is the newest innovation in affordable total body rehabilitation. The PhysioMax's independent arm and leg motion allow users to work their upper body (Upper Body Ergometer) & lower body (Recumbent Bike) independently from each other. Resistance is bi-directional and can be adjusted providing versatility for any application. Plus, the PhysioMax features a walk-thru design with an oversized, removable swivel seat to accommodate wheelchair access and users with low mobility.

PhysioTrainer Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometer

The PhysioTrainer is the one of the most affordable of any Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometers available in the marketplace. Its heavy construction and unique design make it a perfect choice for either a clinic or home setting.

Motorized UBE Table***CALL OR EMAIL FOR QUOTE***

Motorized UBE Table with hand-held remote that is specifically designed and approved for use with the Monark 881E, Monark 871E and PhysioTrainer Bi-Directional UBE. The UBE Table's height can be adjusted with the remote.

Phisiogait Dynamic Unweighting System

The PhysioGait is a training device for simultaneous control of unweighting, posture and balance on a treadmill or firm surface.

Monark Ergometer Bike

The Monark bikes are stable exercise bikes with a smooth ride that will keep going for many years. Specially designed for intensive use in institutions and gymnasiums. Easy to use and tough, therefore one of Monarks most popular exercise bicycles.