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    Hand Exercise Ball

    Hand Exercise Ball that includes color-coded balls of varying resistances are designed for individuals who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or weak hands. It helps improve strength in hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms.


    • Includes a loop for individual finger or thumb exercises
    • Increase flexibility and dexterity while reducing stress and muscle tension
    • Can be compressed repeatedly without losing shape
    • It is made from a highly flexible and elastic material to withstand continuous use
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    Walker Glides

    Recommended for use on the back of a wheeled walker, 1" diameter tubing. The glide brakes have a nylon tip. When weight is applied to the handgrips, the brakes are activated.

    SafetySure Bed Pull-Up

    SafetySure Bed Pull-Up Helps individuals to pull themselves up in bed. Made of durable cotton webbing with cushioned handles. When used in conjunction with the Transfer Handle (Item A711-4), the Pull-Up makes getting into and out of bed easier and safer. Machine washable. 64"L x 4"W. Includes eight hand grips. Weighs 1 lb.

    HYDROGLYDE Sliding Bath Bench

    The HydroGlyde premium sliding transfer bench and bath/shower chair is the perfect bathroom aid for individuals with decreased and/or painful mobility challenges. Designed by front line healthcare workers with decades of experience in safe bathing and transfers, the HydroGlyde is considered a best-in-class transfer bench/bath/shower chair product by nurses, physiotherapists and doctors across the country.

    DynaPro Flex Hand Splint

    DynaPro Flex Hand Splint Neuro-Dynamic Therapy for a Fisted Hand and moderate to severe wrist contractures. Reverses moderate/severe flexion and/or spasticity of wrist/hand/fingers. Provides neuro-rehabilitation while the patient wears the device. Two incrementally larger palmar rolls included to gradually open the hand. Heat moldable. Provides gentle ulnar drift correction.

    Posey Heel Pillows, Regular

    Posey Heel Pillows, Regular