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    Habit Camera

    Product #: 23157HC

    It is a Wireless Camera that connects to the Habit App for smartphones and tablets; its purpose built for daily skin inspection.

    The Camera transmits video to the Mobile App in real time (using WiFi). It has a telescoping handle and flexible goose-neck that enables you to comfortably view your skin in high-definition.

    The Mobile App will be available for download on Android and iOS devices. The App allows you to record video in real-time and take snapshots of your skin. You may also save these files to a private folder if desired to document what you observe. These files may be sent to any of your friends, family, or clinicians via Text Message (SMS) or Email.

    It has a power switch, status LED, Snapshot button, LED Brightness button, and a USB-C charging port.**


    • - Full HD - 1920x1080 Resolution
    • - Rechargeable battery (Camera)
    • - WiFi Connection from Camera to App
    • - Silicone Strap for Limited Dexterity Users
    • - Magnetic Camera Attachment