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    Guardian Angel- GA1000 Adult

    Continuous, Wireless (no cords) Wearable Vitals Monitoring & Alarms System for adult.
    Product #: 2365416ALU

    Monitor opens new options and conveniences in patient monitoring and care. This FDA cleared system offers wireless monitoring capabilities, which transfer real time vitals to local monitor display. Identify trends early and alleviate staff burdens while optimizing health care.

    • Easy set-up and use
    • Measures key vitals (blood oxygen saturation & pulse rate) once per second and displays them on the display monitor.
    • PA reading show strength of connection.
    • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 Connection (between sensor and display) and wifi (display to phone).
    • Upper and lower vitals limits can adjusted for appropriate alarms.
    • Sensor module and display monitor must be kept within 32 feet.
    • This system is to be used during sleep and times of rest; not during exercise or heavy activity.
    • Rechargeable battery lasts 22 hours, and takes 3 hours to fully charge. Charger included. Two sensor modules included so one can be used while the other is charging.
    • Medium Priority alarms alert you when sensor is disconnected, not reading, or battery is low.


    Two Adult Oximeter Sensor Cables

    Two Oximeter Boxes

    One Wristband

    One Display Unit

    One Stand-Display Unit Two Charging Adaptors