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    Gripeeze® Gloves and Rehab Aids

    Gripeeze is a range of specially designed gloves, mittens and medical devices used to help those that suffer from conditions affecting the function of the hands. Manufactured by Grip Aid the Gripeeze range has proudly been approved by healthcare professionals for the rehabilitation of patients that have one of the numerous conditions that can affect the use of the hands. The patented strapping design of all Gripeeze® products give you the ultimate hold and are purpose built for a variety of activities. For better comfort and durability we selected a variety of choice materials for our range so that you will find our devices comfortable, practical and easy to use with maximum results and minimum effort.

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    Gripeeze Fingerless mittens are a very unique device. We made these mittens for people with conditions like tetraplegia and rheumatoid arthritis or disfigured finger joints to regain the use of the hand.

    Gripeeze® Fingerless Sports Gloves, Pair

    The Gripeeze® Fingerless Sports Glove is the ultimate support glove for sport and in the gym. A comfortable solution for anyone with a grip problem- perfect for the active person for weight training, racket sports, rowing machines, table tennis, cross trainers and free weights and has many more uses for rehabilitation and recovery from injury. Black. Pair.

    Gripeeze® Gloves and Rehab Aids