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    Green Series™ 460 Portable Diagnostic Headlight

    Portable Diagnostic Headlight is a high-quality and well-built medical lighting device designed to provide hospitals, clinics or medical facilities with shadow-free, bright and white illumination during examination or procedures. Comfortable and Convenient. Built with a coaxial luminaire illumination, the Green Series™ 460 Portable Diagnostic Headlight produces 40 lumens of brightness and 5,500-deg Kelvin White Light for viewing true tissue color. The headband style exam light is lightweight and compact making it comfortable to use and fits into a shirt pocket. It has a no wires which ensures doctors have an unobstructed view.
    • High-Quality and Bright Lighting
    • Shadow-free and White Illumination
    • Comfortable, Lightweight and Compact
    • Operating Life of 10,000 Hours
    • One-Year Warranty
    • Comes in various package options
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