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    Gloss Rollator

    The Dolomite Gloss Rollator is Dolomite's newest rollator walker. It is a high quality indoor/outdoor rollator walker. Reliable, durable and user-friendly. The Gloss has a lighweight aluminum frame rollator. Includes backstrap and foldable storage basket. The Gloss folds easily with a release loop on the seat, The cross-fold design folds to less than 8" wide and will stand on its own. Large 8" indoor-outdoor wheels roll over most terrain. Brake cables are routed close to the frame to reduce snagging. Gloss weighs 14.3 lbs. and can support up to 352 lbs. Includes a flip up seat for greater reach and gait training. Flip up the seat and you can stand inside the walker. Also includes a flexible back strap that can easily be removed if not needed.

    Product Features

    • Height adjustable and ergonomic handles: It features forward-facing, ergonomically designed handles that can be adjusted to fit height and size
    • Large walking space: This is another notable feature of the Dolomite Gloss Rollator. It comes with a comfortable walking space inside the frame that supports strong posture and freedom during movement
    • Versatile: With its four different seat heights and an extensive range of accessories, the Gloss is well equipped to cater to various individual needs
    • The Rollator is easy to fold and unfold as it features a patented 3-piece seat design that simplifies the process
    • Foldable storage basket: It comes with a foldable storage basket that can be easily removed or kept on the Rollator while folded
    • Tray: There is an optional detachable tray to assist with the transportation of food and drink to other surfaces
    • Curb climber: Optional accessory designed to offer extra support while climbing kerbs or uneven surfaces.

    Frame Gloss has a welded, lightweight aluminum frame with a Grey powder-coat finish for minimal maintenance. Weighing less than 15 lbs. Gloss can accommodate clients up to 352 lbs. The cross-folding design offers generous walking space, while forwardfacing handles encourage you to walk within the four wheels. This provides stability all around the user. A firm seat offers sitting comfort. For additional safety, the Gloss has built-in audible and visual feedback to accompany the folding and unfolding mechanism, while the blue safety strap secures Gloss in a folded position. When folded Gloss will stand on its own, requiring only 7.4” of floor space. Measure from floor to bend of wrist for appropriate handle height.

    Standard Features:

    • Handles easily adjust in 5” range for best posture

    • Brake cables are routed along frame to reduce snag possibility

    • Easy to use parking and dynamic brakes for safe stopping.

    • 8” indoor/outdoor tires for smooth, safe walking on various surfaces.

    • Includes backstrap and foldable storage basket