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    Geriatric Sensory Stimulation

    For tactile and visual stimulation Builds finger strength, improves hand dexterity
    Product #: 23645863ALI

    Tic Tac Toe A fun way to fine-tune coordination and increase attention span. User moves plastic disks across gel playing board for tactile and visual stimulation, enhanced eye-hand coordination, increased finger strength, and improved hand dexterity. Designed to allow two people to participate in activity.

    Flower Gel Pad This heat-sealed vinyl, gel-filled Flower Pad can be used as a convenient and comfortable seating platform when used on the floor. It can also be used on the table as a sensory stimulation pad that will provide tactile and visual stimulation. Stimulation pads enhance eye-hand coordination, improve finger strength and dexterity, and cushion against injury caused by uncontrolled motor activity. These pads also reduce boredom and increase attention span. 24" x 24".

    Gel Shapes Sensory Items Cushion tabletop to protect against injury caused by uncontrolled motor activity. User guides plastic disks around gel. For tactile and visual stimulation and to enhance eye-hand coordination. Build finger strength, improve hand dexterity, and increase attention span. Great for Alzheimer’s and patients with dementia.

    WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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    Manipulation Activity Board

    Rehabilitation Advantage Manipulation Activity Board was created to improve a user’s dexterity. The variety of activities on this busy board allows the user to fine tune their motor skills while improving their finger strength. It makes the perfect addition to any home or therapy clinic, and can be used for a variety of applications. Keep your little one entertained while introducing them to general life skills; or provide a workspace for elderly patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This board can be set up in seconds using the provided 3-piece stand.