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    Geri Chair Torso Supports


    The Geri Chair Torso Support is designed to support and align the individual in the middle of the Geri Chair. It is available in STANDARD 800 (20" Wide x 33" Tall) and SHORT 801 (20" Wide x 29" Tall) and can also be made to special order with custom modifications. The standard sizes will fit Geri-Chairs that are 18-20" wide.

    This device works particularly well for slightly Kyphotic individuals due to the open area created by the Lateral Support “Legs” of the Torso Support. The Torso Support attaches to the Geri Chair with Velcro bands stretched around and behind the chair to prevent movement of the device in the Geri Chair.

    The Geri Chair Torso Support comes with a Lumbar Roll, which easily attaches with Velcro to the soft, nylon-felt along the mid-back portion of the Torso Support. Attachable Head Supports and Occipital Supports are available upon request. The Torso Support may also be modified by changing its overall height.

    As with all of JDM’s devices, the Torso Support is covered with an incontinent proof, antibacterial, anti-fungal, selfdeodorizing, and stain-resistant material.