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    Game Ready Med4 Elite Accessories


    While the Med4 Elite from Game Ready has re-engineered the recovery process, this Travel Case, designed exclusively for the Med4 Elite control unit and therapy system, has re-imagined safe and sturdy transportation. From the bottom, four heavy-duty casters ensure transportation is smooth. They allow easy operation of the case in getting it to where it needs  to be effortlessly. A sturdy, fold-out ramp enables the Med4 Elite control unit to be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently. The outer sides of the case are hard and durable while the inside of the case features fitted foam padding, ensuring a safe and secure ride for the enclosed control unit. At the top, a spring-loaded covering lets users open the case quickly to efficiently allow work to begin. Once you arrive at your destination, unsnap the top, lower the ramp, unlock the casters and use the handles on the Med4 to move it into position. Multi-modality pain relief on the go has never been more secure or efficient. Please note, this is the Travel Case only for the Med4 Elite Control Unit. Control unit, wraps and all other Med4 and Game Ready accessories are available separately. Sized at 43" x 30" X 55", the Travel Case is spacious enough to hold and transport a number of Game Ready Wraps in addition to the Med4 Elite Control Unit. Because the Med4 Elite control unit is an FDA-regulated medical device, it is only available with a prescription. The Med 4 Elite control until features four lockable wheels for secure positioning while in the case and smooth movement when unloading. The Med4 Elite System is compatible with most of Game Ready's line of dual-action, no-mess ATX Wraps. If the Travel Case is not used when transporting the Med4 Elite control unit and damage occurs, the warranty may be voided. Using the Travel Case ensures the warranty will be enforced should damage occur