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    Designed for use with the Game Ready Injury Treatment System, this optional storage and travel bag is ideal for storing Game Ready Wraps when not in use or when taking the entire Game Ready System on the road. Please note, this is the storage and travel bag ONLY. All wraps and all other accessories are available separately. This bag offers plenty of available  storage, meaning this bag is capable and ready to hold Game Ready materials or nearly anything else. Terrific for storing and transporting Game Ready Wraps from home and taking them on the road to the clinic or anywhere else. Capable of storing and carrying one of each size wrap or 10 wraps in total. Sturdy and durable, the bag features security cinches, a padded handle and a padded shoulder strap. External zippers at each end offer safe and convenient storage of additional items such as hoses, wrap extenders or battery packs. Please note, this bag is not designed to carry the Game Ready Control Unit. An optional storage bag to carry it is available separately.


    No outlet? No problem. Designed for use with the Game Ready GRPro 2.1 Therapy System Control Unit, this rechargeable battery ensures continuation of treatment when an outlet is inconvenient or can't be found at all. This Battery Pack will provide up to 7 hours of portable power, making it ideal for treatment on the go and under adverse conditions. Please note,  this is the Rechargeable Battery Pack only. Wraps, Control Unit and additional Game Ready accessories are available separately. Complete kit includes the Battery Pack, A/C adapter, battery connection cable and a carrying case. Weighing in at less than a pound and smaller than 8", storing or taking the battery on the go is a breeze. Fully charges in just a few hours. LED power meter instantly informs user of remaining power at just the push of a button. The adapter will display a green light during the charge cycle. Once all four LED lights turn blue on the battery, the battery is fully charged.


    This is a spray bottle of Game Ready Silicone Spray, ideal for the lubrication of connector hoses and connection points on Game Ready wraps, the control unit and the hoses themselves. This spray bottle is 2 oz. Prior to use, wipe clean all connection points with a lint-free cloth. Works well on O-rings. A safe and reliable alternative to standard aerosol lubricants.  Active ingredients comply with FDA regulations. Contains silicone but does not contain harmful fluorocarbons. Works well on other items, especially watersport-related equipment and accessories such as fishing and scuba gear.