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    Foot Rest Covers

    Product #: 2400JDM

    JDM Medical's Foot Rest Covers slip over the foot rests to cushion the resident's feet and ankles from the hard metal often found on wheelchairs. JDM's Foot Rest Covers are attached with Velcro straps, which flip up and out of the way for easy transfer.

    This item sold as a set of two (2).

    Foot Rest Covers are covered in a healthcare grade fabric with the following properties:

    • incontinent proof
    • flame-resistant
    • antibacterial
    • anti-fungal
    • self-deodorizing
    • stain-resistant
    • cleanable with mild detergent or soap and water

    The Foot Rest Covers may be used in conjunction with the Flexible Calf Support (Item# 403) to make a soft, effective Foot and Calf Support System.
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