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    Foam Wedge for Positioning and Side Sleep Support

    Zenesse Health Foam Wedges for Positioning – Superior Side Sleep Support Pillow for Pressure Sores, Pregnancy & the Disabled. Comfortable No-Crush Back Support Wedge for Bed. Best for Side Sleepers. There are many types of home medical equipment to help you sleep more peacefully, but Zenesse Health’s Wedge for Bed Positioning is one of the Best! Made from superior high-density foam this positioning pillow will provide unsurpassed stability which makes it the best support pillow for side sleepers. The uniquely designed Extra Wide no crush oversized posterior buttress won’t flatten with weight. With 15% more foam than standard positioning wedges for consistent, reliable all-night long support.
    Product #: 25646513Z
    • Optimal Pressure Relief – Made from superior high-density foam, this patient positioning wedge will provide superior stability for side sleep support. Featuring an oversized posterior buttress with 43% more foam than standard positioning wedges, for consistent, reliable support without crushing
    • Stays Put – This therapeutic medical wedge pillow is ergonomically designed to prevent slipping, to ensure both the pillow and patient stay secure. As positioning wedges for the disabled, they provide an invaluable aid for caregivers with patient positioning or turning and help families keep mom or loved ones comfortable when sleeping.
    • Multipurpose Support – Our positioning wedges can be used as a side support pillow to reduce the risk of a patient developing bed sores or decubitus ulcers. The extra wide top also means they are great leg elevation pillows with superior ankle support, or a pillow for positioning post-surgery & during pregnancy.
    • Easy to Clean – This practical durable back support for side sleepers is easy to keep clean, as it’s breathable zippered pillow cover is simple to remove and machine wash. It also features Three easy-access pockets for handy storage of anything from the TV remote, to wipes or an emergency cell phone.

    Ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort for users, this foam positioning wedge can be used for a variety of purposes:

    • As a foam wedge back support – whether suffering from back or hip pain using a bed wedge back support can relieve the pressure on these areas when lying down, helping to maintain a healthy sleep position. This not only reduces pressure on your spinal cord but also improves circulation of blood to your heart.
    • Positioning pillows elderly, disabled or on bed rest restrictions – our patient positioner keeps them in a safe side position all night. The handy pockets provide a great place to keep the TV remote or an emergency cell phone if help is needed.
    • Pregnancy Support Pillow – As well as joy, pregnancy can also bring lots of aches and pains and getting a good night sleep becomes more difficult, particularly in the third trimester. Our bed wedge support pillow can be used as a support for aching back or for your growing belly! Either way you will get the rest that you and your baby need.
    • Leg elevation Pillow – Whether post-surgery recuperation or to improve blood circulation in legs and varicose veins, elevation can provide many benefits. Due to the extra wide back wall our medical supply wedge supports ankles and legs with unrivaled comfort.
    • As turning wedges for medical staff – caregivers and home support assistants need to turn patients frequently to aid the prevention of bed sores and decubitus ulcers. The pockets on the cover enable wipes, gloves and dressings to be readily available when needed.
    • Dimensions21 × 11 × 6 in

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