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Stocking Donner

Stocking Donner Designed to help individuals with limited strength and mobility pull on vascular stockings. Foam grip handles make it easy to pull and a durable baked epoxy finish provides a smooth, no-snag surface. Measures 13"W x 13-1/2"H between handles and 4-1/4"W foot insert. Latex free.

3 Panel Abdominal Binder 9 "

Surgical binders provide support and compression to abdominal muscles weakened by strain without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment. Premium woven elastic for firm and consistent compression. Material can be cut without unraveling to accommodate drainage tubes. Hook-compatible exterior allows for a large range of adjustability and easy application. The paneled hinge-stitch creates three separate panels for a conforming, tapered fit. Plush lining. Latex free.

GelBand® Slim Gel Liner Stirrup Ankle Brace

The GelBand® Stirrup Ankle Brace provides medial and lateral support to stabilize the ankle joint. Indicated to support the ankle following sprains, strains or after cast removal.

Comprilan® Compression Bandage 1.6" x 16.4" (4 cm x 5 m) Single Roll

Designed for management of edema, lymphedema and venous insufficiency, short-stretch bandage provides strong compression and resistance to stretch. 100% cotton absorbs perspiration and is air permeable. Machine washable and reusable by the same client. Latex free.

Prolite Airflow 8" Wrist Splint

Prolite Airflow 8" Wrist Splint

Support Stocking, 20-30 mmHg, Large, Beige

Feeling of tights with therapeutic benefits Microfiber super softness Moisture wicking Elegant sheen Reinforced foot and balloon toe Wide, comfortable top band

FarrowWrap 4000 Regular, Size Medium, Black

The FarrowWrap 4000 Legpiece is an easy-to-apply legpiece with just four bands, making this wrap a simple and effective alternative to bandaging and stockings. It contains Elastic Short-Stretch compression technology for comfortable resting and effective working compression. It includes a FarrowHybrid I foot compression which provides compression in the foot and ankle while acting as a non-compressive liner above the ankle.

Jobst ActiveWear Compression Socks 15-20 mmHg, Closed Toe, Knee High, Medium

JOBST® ActiveWear is a cushioned compression sock with superior moisture management and extroardinary softness. Easy to don, it's the ideal compression sock for an active lifestyle.

**PowerStep Full-Length Insoles

The perfect blend of foot control, spring and life-long cushioning

Jobst Compression Stockings Donning Gloves

Jobst Compression Stockings Donning Gloves These cotton knit gloves are designed to assist in donning or doffing of compression stockings. Gloves are coated in blue latex to provide the best possible grip on your compression garments. In addition to a better grip, the gloves let you handle stockings without tearing or ripping them—damage that can be caused by uncovered fingernails or jewelry.

Jobst ActiveWear Athletic Sock, 15-20 mmHg, Large, White

Jobst ActiveWear Athletic Sock, 15-20 mmHg, Large, White

Jobst for Men Compression Stockings, 20-30 mmHg, Knee High, Closed Toe, Large, Black

Jobst for Men Compression Stockings, 20-30 mmHg, Knee High, Closed Toe, Large, Black

Jobst UlcerCare Stocking w/ Zipper

The new 2-in-1 compression system for the treatment of venous stasis ulcers. JOBST® new UlcerCare system provides graduated compression of 40mmHg, along with a high stiffness factor to provide effective healing of venous leg ulcers. Now available in 7 sizes to fit almost any leg, JOBST® UlcerCare comes standard with 2 liners that contain silk for easier donning. This improved design can be ordered with the zipper on the left or right side, so it is opposite the wound and has a new locking mechanism to keep the zipper closed.

Leukotape P Corrective Taping, 1-1/2" x 15 yds

Leukotape P is a high strength, rigid strapping tape, with a very strong, zinc oxide adhesive

Powerstep Wide Fit Full Length, Orthotics

The Wide Fit Full Length orthotic insert has a semi-rigid polypropylene foot support sealed in two layers of foam. The wider profile and stable heel cup better support and better fit wide-width shoes, while the permanent heat and friction-reducing top fabric with anti-microbial qualities combats foot odor and helps keep feet drier.

CUB Night Splint

Splint positions the foot with a controlled amount of dorsiflexion to give a gentle stretch across the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Open toe "slipper" is low profile and lightweight for superior comfort. The lateral side support with opening ensures no pressure on a sensitive heel.

Powerstep Signature Leather 3/4

Signature Leather 3/4 Length Orthotic insoles combine soft, genuine leather, VCT® cushioning foam and Powerstep’s trusted design for unparalleled comfort and support. Suitable for use in men's and women's dress or casual shoes with less depth at the toes.

ACTIMOVE Mild Knee Support, White

Fields of application – Slightly swollen and aching knees


Provides exceptional abdominal support and offers relief from reducible, inguinal hernias by providing focused compression on the hernia. The brief features flexible, removable foam compression pads to treat either single or double hernias. Pad pockets are sewn into the brief and eliminate the need to wear both an undergarment and a truss. Adjustable compression straps may be easily adjusted for a comfortable, customized fit.

Powerstep® SlimTech 3/4-Length

Versatile 3/4 length support for a ‘sure fit’ in a broad range of shoes. Strong, prescription-like foot support calibrated with flexibility for comfort, heat and friction-reducing antimicrobial fabric for dryness, heel cradle and platform to stabilize and protect the heel during landing, fully cushioned insole cover to enhance comfort from heel to the ball of the foot and slim, tapered design.


The Actimove® Rhizo Forte with its unique design and functionality provides reliable support for the injured area, along with high patient comfort. Actimove® Rhizo Forte is a thumb orthosis for the management of painful conditions and irritations of the thumb joints associated with chronic or acute indications.

Jobst For Men 20-30.mmHg Firm Casual Knee High Support Socks, Khaki- Large

If you're looking for casual knee high men's support socks to treat your chronic venous insufficiency or leg swelling, you may have come to the right place - introducing Jobst for Men 20-30 mmHg Firm Casual Knee High Support Socks. Sold as Pairs.

Tricofix Tubular Retention and Fixation Bandages: 4.7" x 22yds

Tricofix® is a lightweight, absorbent and breathable tubular compression bandage/stockinette.

It Stays Roll-On, 2oz Bottle

It Stays Roll-On, 2oz Bottle Body adhesive is ideal for thighlength stockings when garter belts are not used. Also great for regular socks, wigs, toupees, shoulder straps, or anything else that needs to stay in place. To remove it, simply lift off and wipe area with a damp cloth! Leaves no stain. 2 oz. bottles. Latex free.

Jobst For Men Thigh High Stocking, 20-30 mmHg, Large

Jobst for Men 20-30 mmHg Thigh High Compression Stockings with Silicone Border; fashionable ribbed design delivers gradient compression therapy, yet looks like a men's dress sock

Jobst Opaque 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Thigh High w/ Silicone Dot Band

JOBST Opaque hoisery is designed to look and feel just like elegant opaque legwear. Softness, ease-of-donning and a light-weight design are core attributes of JOBST Opaque, making this gradient compression stocking ideal for any occasion.

Ready-to-Wear 20 -30 mmHg, Arm Sleeve

Ready-to-Wear 20 -30 mmHg, Arm Sleeve,  Lightweight, non-pill knitted nylon-spandex material makes this sleeve both comfortable and easy-to-fit.


The next generation of foot orthotics - for greater motion control. Powerstep’s Pinnacle® Maxx has a redesigned polypropylene orthotic shell with a unique Heel Secure System consisting of a 2-degree angled heel platform that is deeper and wider with stronger arch firmness.

Jovipak- Chin Strap

The Chin Strap - Standard is designed to address edema of the neck, the mandible, and the anterior/lateral aspects of the face, and partially covers the ears. The Chin Strap - Extended is designed to address edema of the neck, the mandible, and the lateral aspects of the head and behind the ears.

Actimove Back Support 4 Stays

The Actimove Neoprene Lumbar Support provides proper support and pain relief for those who suffer from chronic back pain, lumbar strain, and muscular insufficiency. The brace is catered to sports activity because it is made from neoprene-free quick drying perforated performance material. It is adjustable and double layered for advanced support and comfort even while sitting.

Powerstep® Signature Leather Full Insole

Powerstep’s Signature Leather Orthotics combine soft, genuine leather, VCT® cushioning foam and Powerstep’s trusted design for unparalleled comfort and support. These premium orthotics are similar to custom-made leather orthotics in a convenient, prefabricated design. Natural, distressed leather softens and conforms to the contours of the foot over time.

Soft Form Hernia Belt

Provides gentle relief from reducible inguinal hernia. Removable foam compression pads give gentle, gradual pressure to help reduce inguinal hernias (single or double). Lightweight material with a plush elastic waistband and soft elastic perineal straps. Completely adjustable without the use of uncomfortable metal snaps or buckles; simple hook and loop closure allows adjustability to control how tight the belt fits. Hides well under clothing. SIZE MEASUREMENT SM 30 - 35" MD 35 - 41" LG 41 - 46"

Actimove Everyday Mild Ankle Support, X-Large, White

Actimove Everyday Mild Ankle Support provides mild support and easy application due to lightweight open heel design. Its knitted design supports good fit while maintaining flexibility. It also features soft yarns, latex-free for comfort. Its indicated for slightly swollen and aching ankles.

Knee High classic Black Open Toe 15-20 mmHg compression stockings

Ultrasheer Open Toe Knee High 15-20 mmHg Moderate Compression Stockings are lightweight, comfortable and highly effective in optimizing leg health. They prevent odors and keep away any moisture to ensure feet stay cool and dry. Nylon and spandex yarns combined with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort while the seamless circular knitted gives soft, silky look and comfortable feel.

Elbow Strap, Hot/Cold Pack : Universal

Actimove® Elbow Strap, Hot/Cold Pack - Sports Edition

PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles

Pinnacle Insoles offer the perfect blend of foot control, spring and life-long cushioning. The prescription-like supports are sealed in two layers of foam. The inner foam Hypurcel maintains its density and cushioning properties and a soft EVA outer foam. A permanent antibacterial and anti-fungal top fabric combats foot odor and helps keep feet drier. Pinnacle Insoles reduce excessive inward rolling motion of the foot to virtually eliminate pain or strain in the heel and arch, and even in the ankles, knees and lower back.

JOBST® Anti-Em/GP™ Pair

OBST Anti-Em/GP provides accurate gradient compression therapy, minimizing the risk of DVT (blood clots). An opening on the top of the foot allows for easy visual inspection of the foot and toes.

Actimove® Walker boot

The Actimove® Walker is an ankle immobilization walker for stabilization and post injury management.

Actimove® Thumb Stabilizer

Pain relief and healing are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression. Comfort and good breathability through neoprene-free performance material. Stabilization of the thumb through two integrated anatomically shaped stays. Comfortable to wear because of premium quality soft material. Firm and adjustable wrist support from powerful elastic strap. Full finger movement and hand dexterity from special open design. Only available in the United States of America and Canada


The ProLite® Universal Arm Sling comfortably supports the weight of the arm following injury or surgical treatment of the arm, hand or shoulder and can be worn with or without a cast. Soft, durable sling material with padded, adjustable shoulder strap. Thumb loop limits wrist drop and prevents migration. Universal design fits a range of sizes and right or left arm. Black color hides dirt.

Healwell® Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint- Black

Comfortably positions the foot in a controlled amount of dorsiflexion. Adjustable bilateral dorsiflexion straps enable the application of prolonged stretch to the soft tissues of the Plantar Fascia and the Achilles tendon.

C3™ Post Op Shoe W/ Microban

Designed for wear after soft tissue procedures or post-operative care. Especially useful for geriatric and diabetic patients with insensitive feet. C3™ Tri-Laminate upper makes this product cool and comfortable to wear. Microban® treated sole plate for increased control of the growth of certain bacteria, yeast and fungi. Adjustable straps accommodate the bulkiest dressings. Removable trim-fit tongue provides a better fit. Semi-rigid molded non-skid sole absorbs shock during ambulation. Fits right or left. Sold as each.