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    Fall Mat with IQ Contact Alarm- Non-skid- 2" Thick

    Fall Mat with IQ Contact Alarm helps reduce the impact of falls and alerts staff that a patient needs attention. A 15"x 30" sensor pad is embedded inside each half of the mat. These two pads offer 900 square inches of cushioned sensing surface! Mat is covered with 4-oz., reinforced, single-fold blue nylon with sewn seams. Folds in half for easy storage. Come with the all new IQ Contact Alarm. Alarm volume can be set on low (85dB) or high (100dB). Alarm has two tones and a low-battery warning. Batteries are included.
    Product #: 2325864645ALI
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    AliMed Motion Detection Local Alarm

    AliMed® Motion Detection Local Alarms Simple and dependable, this motion detection alarm is ideal for restless patients, immediately alerting caregivers when a patient attempts to exit their bed or room. With a 24' activation range, the alarm can be placed at bedside or in a doorway and is triggered when motion is detected by the infrared sensor, sounding for 30 seconds before automatically resetting. The alarm contains an on/off switch and includes chime or alarm sound options. Choose alarm with Wall Mount or Magnetic Bed Rail Clamp.

    Skil-Care Bed Bolsters- Single Bolster with Strap

    Skil-Care Bed Bolsters- Single Bolster with Strap

    Drive Medical Splash Defense Transfer Bench with Curtain Guard Protection

    New "U" shape cut-out design enables the shower curtain liner to stay within the bath tub and avoiding water spillage outside onto the bathroom floor